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A Doctorate of Business Administration is earned through a high-level and research-based academic program focused on the necessary knowledge required for elite academic or consulting careers. Programs are often composed of Business Theory, Research Design and Professional Development coursework in addition to independent study. 

Students who wish to earn a DBA, or Doctorate of Business Administration, must first have earned a Master in a related field. A DBA program can take about two to four years of study to receive, and graduating with a DBA indicates that students have become experts in their field.

Russia (Russian: Россия) is by far the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. The former State Committee for Higher Education in Russia financed 240 universities, academies and institutes, making Russia a solid country to study in.

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Dba Doctor Of Business Administration For Teachers

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy - Graduate School of Corporate Management
Campus Part time 3 years September 2017 Russia Moscow

Listener program may be the prevailing teacher, a specialist in the field of business education, which proved to be a serious [+]

DBA Doctor of Business Administration for teachers

In light of the general concept of RANHiGS important element of higher business education, socio-economic and humanitarian education should be the development of competencies andssledovatelskoy activity of the faculty and administrative staff of the Joint Academy.

Real step in this direction could be a specialized program for the Doctor of Business Administration faculty and staff offices RANHiGS and teachers of other business schools, acquisition-oriented theoreticalcal and practical knowledge, as well as applied research in business disciplines, to develop and implement new curricula.

Education program meets national and international standards with substantive, methodological and technological foundations of modern business education and is based on international experience in the field of training and development of PPPs.... [-]

PhD in Business Administration

Stockholm School of Economics
Campus Full time 4 years

The SSE PhD program in Business Administration provides high-quality graduate education that prepares our graduates [+]

The SSE PhD program in Business Administration provides high-quality graduate education that prepares our graduates to be successful researchers or to advance in their chosen careers. Our faculty members are excellent teachers who keep up-to-date in their disciplines through research and publication. The School’s faculty is dedicated to research and some 20 chaired professors are active in the area of Business Administration. The program fosters close interaction between students and faculty, and every doctoral student belongs to a research group specializing in a particular field of research. The SSE PhD in Business Administration is a full-time four-year program (240 ECTS credits) based in Stockholm, and has around 75 doctoral students. Doctoral students are admitted to one of four specializations in the list below. Specializations: - Accounting and Managerial Finance - Management and Organization - Marketing, Strategy and International Business - Asian Economy and Business ​- Sustainable Business Admission takes place once a year, at the beginning of February for start in September that year. A specially designed course program – Stockholm Uppsala Business Studies (SUBS) – is run jointly with Uppsala University's Department of Business Studies, and covers the full fall semester. The fall semester includes Introduction and Concluding days to the program, and four mandatory courses. Prerequisites To be eligible for admission, we require the following: - Proven academic record. We require a) a university level degree, b) at least three semesters of business administration courses (90 ECTS) including a thesis worth at least 15 ECTS, and c) one year of Master level studies or the equivalent. - English proficiency. If your native language is not English, and your undergraduate or graduate degree or its equivalent is not from an institution at which English is the language of instruction, then we require a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score. - Relevant research interests. SSE only makes offers to students whose interests fall within the research areas in which our faculty have the capacity to supervise. Please note that in some very popular areas of study there may be limited supervision capacity. We are looking for academic excellence and for students who are well prepared for a PhD program in business administration. Most of our students have a master’s degree in business administration or economics, or from related fields such as engineering, mathematics, psychology, and sociology (depending on the student’s PhD interests). In addition, creativity and independent intellectual thought, the ability to provide deep insights and constructive criticism, and a high level of motivation and drive to accomplish one’s goals are viewed as prerequisites for successful independent research. Admission to the SSE PhD program is granted by the Admissions Board for the SSE PhD Programs. We carefully evaluate all aspects of your application to determine how you can contribute to the SSE research community and the future of management research, education, and practice. Financial Support The SSE policy is to offer all doctoral students who commence the program a tax-exempt scholarship of SEK 13,000 per month. [-]

Grenoble Doctorate In Business Administration In English With Possibility Of Thesis In French (dba)

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Campus Part time 4 - 5 years

This program trains students who have substantial management experience (minimum 5 years) and who wish to undertake research work in the field of management science. This promotion DBA Grenoble is for students with a perfect command of French but can also take courses in English. [+]

Doctor of Business Administration Programs in Russia 2017. OBJECTIVES This program trains students who have substantial management experience (minimum 5 years) and who wish to undertake research work in the field of management science. Students can have different profiles, coming from different sectors, but all must have a solid professional experience and hold a Master's degree in one of the disciplines of management sciences. After the DBA, the graduate will have acquired methodological expertise of research in management sciences, high capacity analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and an academic high culture. This promotion DBA Grenoble is for students with a perfect command of French but can also take courses in English. Program description: Each student DBA is supervised by a teacher, or permanent affiliate faculty of Grenoble Ecole de Management. This supervisor, Ph.D., DBA or PhD, the student assistance in the formulation and support of his research project on his schooling. During the first part of the DBA (Years 1 and 2), the students will participate in four weeks of training in research methodologies. These seminars are mandatory and take place in Grenoble. The first part of the DBA must be validated before the second part passage (years 3 and 4), during which the student will write a research project. Careers: Holders of a DBA of Grenoble Ecole de Management may APPLY for academic positions in most international Universities and Institutions of higher education and also pursue management careers and high-level consulting. Many graduates of our doctoral programs are currently permanent lecturer-researchers in business schools or universities accredited internationally. For senior teachers, DBA Grenoble Ecole de Management opens the door to an academic career in research and facilitates access to program management positions. application: Applicants must provide evidence of: An MBA or Master / MSc equivalent 5 years managerial experience Applicants must also submit an application that includes: An application form certified copies of transcripts and diplomas last Reference Forms A cover letter A preliminary research proposal indicating the targeted areas of research and its research plans CV [-]

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Campus Part time 4 - 5 years

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) offered by Grenoble Ecole de Management is a research-based degree which is the highest level business qualification attainable. [+]


The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) offered by Grenoble Ecole de Management is a research-based degree which is the highest level business qualification attainable.

It is a unique, research-based, issue-driven qualification that culminates in a doctoral degree (Doctor of Business Administration).

It focuses on the broad area of technology management, organizational change and innovation. It can also cover more traditional research topics in the fields of management, finance, marketing, and organizational behavior.


Program Description:

The program consists of a combination of workshops and presentations interspersed by periods of individual research and supervision.... [-]

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

SBS Swiss Business School
Campus Part time 30 - 72 months

The Doctor of Business Administration program attempts to bring theory and practice to bear on decision making in complex organizations in order to help these institutions adapt to change and lay the foundations for long term survival. [+]

Doctor of Business Administration Programs in Russia 2017. Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) The mission of the institution is to educate individuals who will contribute to the management and leadership of global organizations. Welcome from the Academic Dean Many now hold to the proposition that the DBA is to the 21st century what the MBA was to the latter half of the 20th century. Without engaging in that debate it is certainly the case that work environments face challenges without historical precedent. Business and government leaders everywhere are confronted by novel situations for which past theories, practices and strategies do not seem to provide the answers. Change continues to accelerate and the impacts of globalisation, at once profound and subtle, affect all institutions and organisations. No longer can leaders be contented simply to apply knowledge, they must lead the generation of knowledge in their own organisations that informs practice and policy peculiar to their circumstances. In other words, business leaders today must be able to lead the conduct of work related research. This DBA is designed to equip candidates with this capability. The SBS International Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) offers an option for organisations and individuals looking to improve their business performance through the development of a superior capacity to investigate and resolve organisationally based, while designing and carrying out original research. It equips senior managers with the skills to apply current research methodology to issues of corporate concern and enhances candidates’ research and consultancy skills. We invite you to consider the many benefits the SBS DBA part-time program will provide for your career. Bert Wolfs, Ph.D. Academic Dean DBA vs PhD The DBA differs from a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) through its focus on practice, policy or strategy, within the context of the individual’s workplace. Both doctorates involve the development of substantial original work. However, a professional doctorate such as the DBA requires a different type of research development from that of the PhD. For a PhD, research needs to make a significant contribution to an area of knowledge. For the DBA, research needs to make a significant contribution to practice, policy or strategy. The research involved in the DBA is applicable to business issue(s) and is carried out in the context of professional practice. Features of our DBA PURPOSE The Doctor of Business Administration program attempts to bring theory and practice to bear on decision making in complex organizations in order to help these institutions adapt to change and lay the foundations for long term survival. OVERVIEW In the DBA program, industry and academic professionals build upon the master’s level core skills and knowledge to develop a higher level of competence in conducting applied research, in comprehension of theoretical and applied literature in a chosen business discipline, and in the attributes essential to university teaching. The DBA graduate will have developed critical knowledge and skills for success in college and university teaching, in service to the profession and the community, in future professional development, and in attaining credentials and skills essential to business consulting and management. The DBA degree program is designed to meet the special requirements of working academic and business professionals who have the motivation to expand their knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of modern organizations. The program is designed to serve the needs of capable students, regardless of their concentration. Doctoral studies are designed to permit busy professionals to balance the demands of career and family. Students meet the program’s requirements by completing courses, during weekends, and online work. key reasons why you should consider the SBS DBA There could be many reasons why you are contemplating taking on an international DBA program. Perhaps it has always been your dream to reach the pinnacle of tertiary education. It could be the challenge of conducting indepth research in an area you are passionate about, plus the satisfaction of contributing to the world of knowledge and professional practice. Perhaps your quest is for personal development and career advancement. Whatever your reasons, taking on the challenge of a world-class doctorate program is possibly one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Here are several key reasons why the SBS International DBA is a winning program. SBS’s reputation SBS has a reputation for excellence in management and business education. The DBA program at SBS is double accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), recognized by the US Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Our professors are leaders in research and practice, allowing our participants to excel in the various topic areas. SBS has strong links with industry through its collaborative research links. Effective Learning Resources A key ingredient for successful learning at Doctoral level is the availability and access to information. SBS’s extensive learning package consists of textbooks, electronic readings, research papers and guidebooks. In addition, you can make full use of SBS’s vast library resources including its massive online databases for instant access to thousands of full text journals, research papers, abstracts, conference proceedings and news articles. These online resources facilities are reputed to be among the world’s best. Impressive Learning Outcomes The end result of going through this rigorous DBA means you develop not only cutting-edge knowledge and expertise, but you could also establish sound capabilities in management consulting, in-company action research as well as, academic research leading to publication of work in internationally acclaimed refereed journals. Candidates are assessed by 50% course work and 50% research work. Flexibility The program can take a minimum of 2.5 years to complete but a maximum duration of up to six years may be allowed. With coursework delivered over weekends you can continue to work in a full-time job. Course workshops are time tabled in advance every two months. So you can schedule them into your calendar. Time flexibility – a vital feature that busy professionals truly appreciate. Program Structure The Doctor of Business Administration is an integrated coursework and research program that may be completed in a minimum of two and a half years. The coursework component consists of the first year. Courses are conducted in the classroom in an intensive workshop model with face-to-face contact. All courses are assessed by written assignment. The transition between the coursework phase and the research phase is by the candidate satisfactorily completing the set of assessed Research Proposals (one for each research project). On satisfactory completion of the coursework units that are scheduled over the first year, candidates enter the research phase where they undertake individual, supervised research projects. The output of each research project is a research paper of publishable style and quality.The portfolio of research papers is submitted for external examination. DBA Admissions Requirements Applicants seeking admission to the DBA program shall normally hold: An MBA degree, or equivalent, from an approved university or equivalent; or Where other masters degree level qualifications are held, applicants may be asked to complete a prescribed bridging program (normally designated courses from an MBA program); or an appropriate honours degree or bachelor degree with honours of at least 2A standard from an approved university or equivalent higher education institution; and Substantial (no less than five years) experience at executive/management level. All DBA candidates must be able to demonstrate their education and/or professional performance to undertake research at a doctoral level. They should be able to show success in their career to date and document how the DBA program fits into their personal or career plans for the future. All DBA applicants must submit a 1,000 word outline of their proposed research topic/ idea as part of their admission application submission. All DBA candidates must have a sound command of English language, spoken & written, as evidenced by the criteria: Having completed a Masters degree in English; or Submit proof of having achieved a TOEFL score of minimum 90. The final decision concerning the eligibility, acceptability of qualifications and research areas for the DBA Program rest with SBS Swiss Business School. All applicants must have Email/ Internet access throughout the program. DBA Program Structure, Academic Year 2016 - 2019 Year 1 (September 2016 - October 2017) Semester 1 (September 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017) Semester 2 (April 1, 2017 - October 31, 2017) Year 2 (November 2017 - October 2018) Semester 3 (November 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018) Semester 4 (May 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018) Year 3 (November 2018 - April 2019) Semester 5 Doctoral research [-]

Dba Doctor Of Business Administration

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy - Graduate School of Corporate Management
Campus Part time 4 years September 2017 Russia Moscow

Doctor of Business Administration - the highest professional degree is intended for policymakers and senior management level, with a serious [+]

DBA Doctor of Business Administration

Program for those who are ahead of time! Program for business leaders? Doctor of Business Administration - the highest professional degree is intended for policymakers and senior management level, with a serious experience. Competitive advantage in the DBA program VSHKU


DBA program is a step in business education that follows a higher education, professional training, MBA programs, according toThe will of people who are interested in continuing professional and intellectual growth, to deepen their knowledge and to specify with the professional and business interests.

The innovative character

DBA program is unique in the Russian market of educational services, it became the first.Rich experience RANH in business education and highly professional lecturers of the Academy let her take the lead and a leader in the conduct of such a program.... [-]