Doctoral Programme in Administrative Sciences

University of Vaasa

Program Description
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Doctoral Programme in Administrative Sciences

University of Vaasa

Students of the Doctoral Programme in Administrative Sciences complete a Doctor of Administrative Sciences, D.Sc. (Admin.), degree.

The programme is interdisciplinary and its aim is to train doctoral-level experts and independent researchers to positions especially in the public sector, but also in the private sector and for other actors of society.

The scientific resources of the programme are those of the research fields of the main subjects of the unit of Administrative Sciences. The contents of the programme are decided upon by the groups of the programme. The main subjects are: regional studies, public management, public law, and social and health management.

The focus areas of the subjects are

  • regional development and economy
  • study of public management and ethics: ethical management and identification of problems, good management and leadership
  • changing governance and basic rights
  • study of social and health services and systems: citizen participation, governance and management of complex problems

The studies of the programme consist of several elements, such as in-depth education in the theoretical background of the research field, research methods, ethics, and methodology of research work. An additional aim is to include courses that prepare students for working life. Also, the intention is to utilize the most recent scientific knowledge. The doctoral programme is nationally and internationally networked. The researchers organize seminars, and actively participate in international seminars and contemporary public discussion.

It is possible to complete the degrees of the Licentiate of Administrative Sciences and the Doctor of Administrative Sciences as academic graduate degrees in the following disciplines:

  1. Regional studies
  2. Public management
  3. Public law
  4. Social and health management

The leader of the programme is Professor Esa Hyyryläinen.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

Entry Requirements

The aim of the admission criteria is to ensure that people with different educational backgrounds have the necessary skills to successfully complete the doctoral studies.

Students who have completed an applicable higher university degree:

  • advanced studies in the major subject or in a subject that is equal to a major subject shall be completed with at least grade “good”
  • compensation and equation of advanced studies with other studies is decided by the professor of the major subject. If the student has not completed advanced studies in the major subject of the graduate degree, s/he shall complete supplementary studies according to the instructions of the professor responsible for the graduate studies in the major subject. The supplementary studies shall be completed at the beginning stages of the graduate studies.
  • the Master’s thesis must be awarded at least ‘cum laude approbatur’. In special cases studies supplementing the grade or other achievements showing sufficient level may be accepted.
  • a high quality research plan, based on which it is evaluated whether the subject of the research is suitable for the research profile of the discipline, as well as for the expertise and guidance resources
  • preliminary study plan for graduate studies
  • adequate language skills enabling doctoral studies

Students who have completed an applicable higher polytechnic degree shall, in addition to the above-mentioned requirements, have:

  • a degree that is suitable as regards to its field and contents. In addition, good study performance is required.
  • at least 30 ECTS of university level advanced studies in the major subject of the graduate degree are required as supplementary studies. The supplementary studies shall include method studies, and they shall be completed before the right for graduate studies is granted (separate study right). The supplementary studies are defined individually and for example previous university level studies are taken into consideration

A student who has completed a degree abroad shall, in addition to the above mentioned requirements, have:

  • a university level degree equal to a Master’s degree in Administrative Sciences
  • The applicant shall prove s/he has the necessary research skills with a study module in the major subject that is on the level of the Finnish higher university degree
  • The degree shall include a thesis / diploma work which is equal to a Master’s thesis and which has been awarded at least grade ‘good’. The thesis must be related to the major subject of the graduate degree and the applicant shall have the necessary academic skills required for the graduate degree in the major subject.

The university shall always evaluate on a case by case basis whether the applicant has sufficient knowledge and skills to complete doctoral studies successfully. In the selection, attention is paid to the applicant’s motives and his/her chances of managing doctoral studies and the dissertation process and his/her commitment to doctoral studies. In addition, the suitability of the student’s research theme to the study subject’s research context is evaluated in order to guarantee expert guidance and joining the scientific community. The guidance and support resources of the subjects are aimed primarily at active doctoral students. The student is also expected to go abroad during his/her studies.

The number of new doctoral students may be limited based on insufficient resources for study guidance:

  • the subject does not have sufficient expertise to guide the dissertation in question
  • the resource situation of the subject does not make it possible to acquire the necessary expertise to guide the topic.

Study right for doctoral studies

Those who have been accepted as doctoral students receive the study right for the doctorate degree in Administrative Sciences. A person accepted in graduate studies may complete a Licentiate degree in Administrative Sciences. For a special reason a study right for the doctorate degree in philosophy may be granted. In that case the student continues directly to a doctorate degree.

The university may require a person who has been granted the right for studies aiming at a scientific graduate degree to complete a necessary amount of supplementary studies to achieve the skills needed in the studies. (Universities Act 558/2009, section 37)

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