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PhD in Psychology

Walden University

Ph.D. in Psychology

Walden University’s PhD in Psychology program combines rigorous academics and original research so that you can build the skills and knowledge required to meet the changing needs of a diverse world. This program follows a scholar-practitioner model that encourages you to integrate scholarly research with your practical expertise. Taught by respected researchers and experts in the field, courses in this online doctoral program will prepare you to make a difference in the lives of others. Choose from specializations that are designed to meet your individual needs and interests.


•    Clinical Psychology
This specialization is designed to prepare you to work as an independent practitioner, researcher, or consultant in the field. This program explores a broad spectrum of emotional and behavioral disorders as well as how they are diagnosed, evaluated, and treated.

•    Counseling Psychology
Prepare to become a licensed counselor. Learn how to diagnose and address an array of psychological disorders and assist individuals in coping with life’s difficulties. Gain relevant, real-world experience through a residency, internship, and supervised practicum.

•    Educational Psychology
Make a difference in the field of education by gaining a deeper understanding of how individuals learn at various stages of life as well as strategies for creating a more enriching and effective education experience.

•    Forensic Psychology
Gain deeper insight into America’s criminal justice system and the emotional and behavioral disorders that can lead to deviant activity. Prepare to pursue a career as a consultant or researcher in government, law enforcement, the nonprofit sector, or education. 

•    General Psychology
Whether you’re a teacher or a researcher, this specialization can prepare you to make a profound impact on the psychology profession. Explore the variety of factors that impact human behavior and examine the ethical and legal issues inherent with this profession.

•    Health Psychology
Help promote positive health behaviors within organizations and communities. Explore the cultural, environmental, and psychological factors that impact health and wellness and prepare to effect profound change in medical, academic, government, or business settings.

•    Organizational Psychology
Learn how to build a high-performing workforce from the inside out. This program explores themes such as motivation, leadership, and work attitudes as well as strategies that can help boost employee morale and increase productivity.

•    Social Psychology
Gain greater insight into how social factors impact human behavior. Apply your newfound knowledge to conduct cutting-edge research on key social issues. This program can prepare you for a rewarding career in teaching, research, or consulting.

Note on Licensure

Walden University offers some Ph.D. in Psychology specializations that lead to professional licensure and others that do not. Contact an enrollment advisor for assistance in evaluating whether your chosen specialization can lead to professional licensure in your state. 

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