PhD Programs

A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is a postgraduate degree conferred by universities. It is the top academic degree available in a field.

The completion of a PhD can result in significantly improved career prospects. Students or professionals interested in leadership, academia, consulting, research and entrepreneurship, a PhD degree can offer an advantage or a required qualification.

Many universities around the world offer PhD programs. It is common for students to specialize in a field such as Business, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Sustainability, Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, etc.

The variety of different PhD programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular PhD degrees listed below.

Newly added PhDs

American Consortium of Universities (Interlink)

PhD in Materials Science at Montana State University

December 8, 2016
The Montana University System announces an exciting new collaborative program offering Montana’s first Ph.D. in Materials Science. The program includes the departments, faculty, courses and research infrastructure of the campuses of the University of Montana, Montana State University and Montana Tech.

PhD in Applied Micro and Nanosystems

PhD in Applied Micro and Nanosystems

November 23, 2016
The PhD program in Applied Micro- and Nanosystems educates scientists with broad knowledge in micro- and nano system technologies. This becomes an increasingly important part of our everyday life, in all sorts of "smart systems", as for example sensors integrated into mobile phones, equipment for medical diagnosis, for monitoring the environment and… [+] for instrumentation in industrial processes. [-]

Dalian Polytechnic University

PhD in Food Science & Engineering

November 17, 2016
PhD in Food Science & Engineering