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The PhD is a doctoral degree, specifically called a "doctor of philosophy" degree. This is misleading because PhD holders are not necessarily philosophers (unless they earned their degree in philosophy!). That said, PhD recipients are able to engage in thought experiments, reason about problems, and solve problems in sophisticated ways.

People who earn a PhD in business, economics and administration typically go on to teach in universities or perform statistical research for large organizations. Moreover, anyone with a PhD degree has the right to be addressed as "Dr."

Earning an online degree from a school can likely lead to a promotion and/or salary raise, or prepare you for a new career. Even if classroom training may be considered more traditional, online education is advantageous in its own right. There is a mixture of degree programs, and individual classes offered through online learning organizations. It is not unheard of for tuition costs for online courses to be lower than that of a conventional school, although this is certainly not reliable of all online programs.

The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominate the world rankings and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations. State university systems are partially subsidized by state governments, and may have many campuses spread around the state, with hundreds of thousands of students.

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Online Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology

Touro University Worldwide
Online Part time September 2017 USA Los Alamitos

Distinguish yourself among your peers and competitors as an industry thought leader and engage in a deeper, more profound way of learning by earning a PsyD in Human and Organizational Psychology from Touro University Worldwide (TUW). Organizational psychology is a... [+]

Online Doctoral Degrees in Business in Los Alamitos in USA. Online Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology Distinguish yourself among your peers and competitors as an industry thought leader and engage in a deeper, more profound way of learning by earning a PsyD in Human and Organizational Psychology from Touro University Worldwide (TUW). Organizational psychology is a growing field. Employers are constantly looking to gain a better understand of what motivates their workforce in order to increase productivity, profitability and lower turnover. TUW’s doctoral program helps to promote a greater understanding and more effective implementation of psychology in the workplace. Program Benefit TUW’s doctoral program is designed to provide: Professionals with the skills and tools necessary to design evidence-based solutions in their professional field. A doctoral-level academic environment that includes faculty research guidance, technology and learning opportunities. A support system dedicated to student success at the doctoral level. Tuition Information TUW’s tuition for the PsyD is $700 per semester credit unit. Your employer may offer a tuition assistance program so speak with your human resource representative to find out if financial support is available to you. A TUW Tuition Assistance Counselors is available to you in order to determine your eligibility for financial aid and other tuition assistance programs. Program Requirements TUW’s online doctoral degree gives the student the ability to focus their studies into three distinct concentrations, allowing you to translate theory into critical practice, including the following: Individual change and development Organizational change and development Leadership and innovation Each student will work with a faculty mentor to personalize their academic journey for greater outcomes. Your specialization will help you focus your research activities and allow for skill development that helps you conduct applied research resulting in real-world solutions. Doctoral students can develop a research portfolio or a dissertation as the culmination of their doctoral degree. These final projects must be approved by your TUW faculty mentor and should demonstrate your ability to use research and investigative methods to apply what you have learned in the program to real-world settings. Admissions Requirements Students seeking enrollment into TUW’s online PsyD in Human and Organizational Psychology program must meet the following criteria to be considered for admission: Hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution; international master’s degree students must see “international student admissions” in the catalog. Cumulative GPA of 3.4 in an accredited master’s program Provide an official transcript Students who meet the above criteria will be required to complete the following steps to be admitted and enrolled: Submit an application. Submit official transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Transcripts must come directly from the issuing institutions. Students who completed college coursework outside the U.S. must have their transcripts translated and evaluated (see Foreign Credit for additional information.) Submit two letters of recommendation, including one from a previous instructor or someone familiar with the prospective student’s academic work; and a professional reference from someone who has supervised the prospective student in a work environment. Submit a Doctoral Entrance Essay, which will serve as the initial component of the student’s research portfolio. The entrance essay should be a narrative presenting the candidate’s: Biography Career plan Goals in pursuing the doctorate at TUW The Doctoral Admissions Committee will evaluate the essay and seek the following components: Motivation, maturity of judgment and creativity. Evidence of a sound personal agenda that includes achievable personal and professional objectives. Awareness of intellectual strengths as well as skills needing development. Awareness of program requirements. Proficiency with standard written English, including the ability to express concepts and communicate meaning in concise writing. [-]