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A PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities. Once one attains a PhD he or she may often be referred to as a doctor.

Management PhD is a doctorate similar to a PhD in business. It is considered to be the highest possible degree that can be awarded in business. It is a program designed to help those practicing in the field with a quest for research and professional teaching as far as management is concerned worldwide.

Chile has the oldest education system in the South America. The government has always partially financed this education system making it one of the cheapest student’s lives. The leading universities are Universidad de Chile and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

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PhD From The University Of Lleida Business Administration And Law

IEDE Business School Chile
Campus Full time February 2017 Chile Providencia

This program seeks to contribute to the development and deepening of knowledge and skills of Chilean students who receive recognition of a degree, valid European Higher Education Area attached automatically in 47 countries. [+]

Doctorate Programs in Management in Providencia in Chile. OVERVIEW Thanks to the Additional Protocol to the Cooperation Agreement signed between IEDE Business School (Headquarters Santiago de Chile) and the University of Lleida (Spain), as of February 2, 2010, in Chile may attend the Doctoral Program of the University, studies culminating in the defense of the doctoral thesis at the headquarters of the Spanish University. This program seeks to contribute to the development and deepening of knowledge and skills of Chilean students who receive recognition of a degree, valid European Higher Education Area attached automatically in 47 countries. The University of Lleida I have over 700 years, was originally created by Bull of His Holiness Pope Boniface VIII, issued in Rome on April 1 of the year 1297 and subsequently by Real Privilege SM El Rey Don Jaime II, granted in Zaragoza on 1 September 1300. The university with about 10,000 students, is public and is located in the city of Lleida, with over 135,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the province and in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, and its area of ​​influence than 200,000 inhabitants, located some 160 kms. of the city of Barcelona and about 450 kms. de Madrid. The legal rules applicable to this program is Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October 2007 (Official Gazette No. 260, dated October 30, 2007), which provides management of official university and repealing RO RO 55/2005 and 56/2005 (subject to the transitional period until 2015) and Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, by which the official teachings of Doctorate (BOE of 10 regulated February 2011). OBJECTIVES The PhD program has been prepared based on the following objectives: Offer a doctoral program of academic excellence and quality within the European Higher Education Area, in the city of Santiago de Chile. Create an intellectual forum for analysis, discussion and research on topics related to business administration and economics, in both the private sector and government. Generate scientific and informative knowledge from the partnership between academics and doctoral students through the completion and publication of empirical studies of interest in the national, Latin American and / or other economies field. Form a group of researchers who will solve the shortage of doctors in the country and are drivers of organizational change in the professional and academic fields. PROFILE TITULADO The student who attains the Degree of Doctor from the University of Lleida will peak existing academic degree in the field of higher education which will enable: Validate your ability to develop scientific research in the field of DG Enterprise. Being able to raise several lines of research and how to address them. Mastering the techniques of research, modeling and analysis that will make the necessary contrasts in a research process. Collaborate on research groups in the field of specialization and even in a multidisciplinary field. Reach a level of depth in the subject under investigation may show an intense teaching. KEY FEATURES Spanish title by University of Lleida Recognized by the European Higher Education Area, automatically valid in 47 countries adhering Visiting professors from the University of Lleida Access to virtual library. Exclusive access to EBSCO data base where you will find papers and scientific articles related to the program. Profile recommended: Professionals who, on the one hand, wish to deepen and improve their knowledge of scientific research in the area of ​​business and, second, to get the most that existing academic degree in education. [-]