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Marketing and Communication

One must accomplish two things when earning a PhD. First one must understand a particular subject thoroughly. Secondly, one must extensively in knowledge about that subject.

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the "USA", the "US", the "United States", "America", or simply "the States". American colleges are funded by "tuition" charged to the student, which is often quite expensive, very commonly reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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Interactive Online PhD

LIGS University
Online Part time 2 - 3 years Open Enrollment USA Honolulu

The PhD program at LIGS University is provided by modern Interactive Online form. It makes studying flexible - you can start any time during the year and study anytime and anywhere in the world. [+]

Best Part time PhD Degrees in Marketing and Communication in USA. The PhD program at LIGS University is provided by modern Interactive Online form. It makes studying flexible - you can start any time during the year and study anytime and anywhere in the world. You choose your PhD specialization and courses which you want to study. It's up to you and your preferences. Structure of the Program Doctoral program Interactive online PhD comprises a total of 12 courses. Students complete 6 courses from the Scientific research module (uniform for all students), 3 courses of the specialization (of your choice) and 3 courses from the optional module (of your choice). Integral part of the program is the publication activity. Specialization (students choose the specialization individually; there are 3 courses in each specialization) Specialization Interactive Online PhD in Management Management Strategic Management Project Management Specialization Interactive Online PhD in Finance Financial Management Risk Management Financial Reporting and Analysis Specialization Interactive Online PhD in Marketing Global Marketing Marketing Communication Managed Communication with the Media Specialization Interactive Online PhD in HR Management HR Management Planning and Development of Human Resources Recruitment and Selection An optional module (participant chooses 3 subjects, selected courses may not be the same as the courses of the chosen specialization). Management Strategic Management Project Management Process Management Financial Management Risk Management Financial Markets and Investments Financial Reporting and Analysis Managerial Accounting Strategic Management of Sales E-Commerce HR Management Planning and Development of Human Resources Recruitment and Selection Marketing Communication The Internet as Part of the Communication Marketing Strategy Managed Communication with the Media Strategy and Tactics of a Spokesperson Marketing Communication Global Marketing Change Management International Business Team Management Corporate Social Responsibility Method and form of education Interactive Online PhD program is provided in an interactive online form under the leadership of a tutor – supervisor. There are compulsory and facultative study requirements: Compulsory activities (have to be completed in order to graduate successfully) You have to pass an e-test and submit a seminar paper from each course of the specialization and optional module Passing the Scientific-research module You need to study individually the theoretical basis for completion of the program The publication activity is required in a minimum extent of 4 theses Dissertation must be submitted and defended Facultative activities (aren't included in the general tuition) Individual tutorials (webinars) – 2-4 a year. English language course in Hawaii. Student information system: Students have at their disposal all the information regarding their studies as well as study materials, contact details of tutors and staff – all of this in the secure environment of the Student information system (SIS). Thanks to the SIS you can study anytime and anywhere in the world while having all information regarding your studies and theses at hand. How can I communicate with tutors of LIGS University? E-mail communication Chat (within the SIS, Skype, Facebook) Phone (cell phone, Skype, etc.) Completion of the program: All successful graduates earn a degree and a diploma from an American LIGS University. [-]

Doctor of Ministry

Trinity International University
Campus Part time 4 - 6 years September 2017 USA Deerfield

Be equipped for greater ministry effectiveness. Our Doctor of Ministry invites men and women to step deeper into study of the Word, to broaden their perspectives on ministry practices, and to join with a global community of ministry practitioners in dialogue and study for the sake of the Gospel. [+]

Be equipped for greater ministry effectiveness. Our Doctor of Ministry invites men and women to step deeper into study of the Word, to broaden their perspectives on ministry practices, and to join with a global community of ministry practitioners in dialogue and study for the sake of the Gospel. The program is flexibly designed to fit the schedule and needs of full-time ministry professionals. Our Doctor of Ministry serves the church of the living God by strengthening the professional competence of persons in ministerial leadership through integration of advanced theory with contemporary practice. It is a professional program intended for persons who are in full-time vocational Christian ministry, such as pastors & pastoral staff, chaplains, Christian educators, missionaries, workers in parachurch organizations, and evangelists, both domestic and international. Where can this degree take me? The DMin is designed to enhance the professional competence of those already engaged in full-time ministry; it is an in-service program, enabling sutdents to complete the degree while taking minimal time away. As such, this degree’s purpose is one of deepening one’s current vocation rather than preparation for a future career. What will I study? DMin courses are all offered in one-week intensive class sessions (it’s not designed to be a residential program) offered on the Deerfield campus in March, July, and November. These courses are preceded by personal study and followed by a project that applies the coursework to the student’s ministry. Exceptions to the nonresidential nature of the program are occasionally made; talk to Admissions for these exceptions. TEDS is in the process of offering a new modified cohort approach to DMin education based on ministry affinity. In addition to our elective concentrations, these cohorts will require that half the program be taken with others who are all in very similar ministry settings. The cohort schedule and course content will be pre-defined. The remainder of the course work will be taken from regular required and elective offerings. Cohorts are currently planned for large church Senior Pastors under the direction of Dr. Knute Larson, and Health Care Chaplains under the direction of Dr. Roy Bebee. Doctor of Ministry Core - 12 hours MN 9550 Revitalizing Ministry (PM, LM, PC, PR)* –or– MN 9555 Prolegomena for Missions and Evangelism (ME)* 3 hrs Systematic Theology, New Testament, & Old Testament Integrative Courses (BT) 6 hrs MN 9990 Ministry and Missions Research 3 hrs *Must be taken as one of first three courses Doctor of Ministry Concentration - 12 hours Four courses in one area of concentration: Preaching, Leadership and Ministry Management, Pastoral Care, Missions and Evangelism, or Chaplaincy. Those in the general Pastoral Ministries category may select any combination of courses from the PR, LM, or PC areas. Pastoral Ministries (PM) This is the general category that allows students to select core courses from any of the PR, PC, or LM concentrations. Preaching (PR) This concentration emphasizes the proclamation of God’s Word–exegetically sound, Spirit-empowered, and culturally relevant. Suitable for anyone whose role is primarily proclamation. Pastoral Care (PC) The relational side of ministry is emphasized in this concentration–family life, crisis intervention, bioethical issues, and spiritual formation. It is suitable for church staff, counseling center staff, or medical chaplains. Leadership and Ministry Management (LM) This concentration emphasizes developing capabilities necessary to lead and organize ministry in areas of change, conflict, vision, core values, and motivation. It is suitable for various pastoral roles and those serving in ministry or missions organizational leadership. Missions and Evangelism (ME) In this concentration, issues related to Christian mission are emphasized–worldview, cross-cultural ministry, church planting, and the urban context. It is suitable for missionaries, church planters, parachurch staff, and others in evangelistic or cross-cultural ministry. Military Chaplaincy (MC) This is a special cooperative concentration between TEDS and the branches of the US Military designed for currently serving military chaplains who wish to focus on the chaplaincy in their program. Detailed information regarding this concentration is available from the Admissions Office. Electives - 6 hours Complete 6 hours of Ministry Electives. Major Project - 6 hours The culmination of the DMin program is a major project. This major project is intended to help students think theologically about ministry by requiring them to apply new concepts and methods to their ministries. The proposal for the project must be formally approved by two faculty readers, the Program Director, and the Human Rights in Research Committee. One faculty reader will be designated as mentor/first reader to the student for the duration of the project. The major project must be on a topic appropriate to the student’s concentration. Doctoral Project Research MN 9991 Doctoral Project Research (twice at 3 hrs each) What are the prerequisites for admission to this program? Applicants for the DMin program are required to: Possess a Master of Divinity degree or other acceptable master’s level qualifications (see full prerequisites for details). Have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for all master’s work. Recommendations from the following four people (to be submitted electronically through the online application): (1) Ministry supervisor, (2) Ministry colleague, (3) Lay leader, (4) Chairman of church board, professor, denominational official OR professional acquaintance. Have had at least three years of consistent full-time ministry experience after receiving the MDiv or its equivalent; exceptions can be made for ministry experience prior to receiving the MDiv. Take and submit scores from the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). Have prerequisite study equivalent to 9 semester hours of graduate courses appropriate to the concentration selected. Since the program is heavily dependent on computer skills, applicants should be able to use a current word processing program; ownership of a desktop or laptop computer is required, along with internet and email capabilities. Special Instructions for International Applicants You’ll need to meet the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations in obtaining an F-1 (student) via. This requires additional admissions information and paperwork. International applicants whose first language is not English must also submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). All international DMin program students, including Visiting DMin students and students from Canada, are now required to enter the United States with an F-1 visa. DMin residential students (i.e. living in or near Deerfield and taking semester-length courses) must comply with the same visa requirements as other program residential applicants (see Admissions section). DMin nonresidential students (i.e., commuting to the Deerfield Campus on a course-by-course basis) must also obtain an F-1 visa. Students who enter the United States to pursue the Doctor of Ministry degree without the F-1 visa potentially jeopardize their ability to complete the degree and reenter the United States. F-1 visas will remain valid as long as reentry into the United States for the purposes of study occurs at least once every five (5) months. A new visa will be required if reentry does not occur within this time period. Hence, full-time progress for DMin international nonresidential students is defined as taking at least one course in each of the three sessions (Fall, Spring, Summer) per year. [-]