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A PhD, also known as a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is a doctorate awarded by a university to the academic who has met all necessary qualifications and can now be considered a doctor in his or her academic field.

One of the Post Graduate academic degrees that are awarded by the Universities is the Doctor of Philosophy; abbreviated as PhD. Depending on the time periods for entry-level degrees and other factors, PhD programs vary from one country to another as well as from institution to the other. With the attainment of the degree, you earn the academic title of a Doctor. The courses are available to all students who meet minimum requirements worldwide.

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the "USA", the "US", the "United States", "America", or simply "the States". American colleges are funded by "tuition" charged to the student, which is often quite expensive, very commonly reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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PhD in Operations and Management Science

Washington State University Carson College of Business
Campus Full time 4 - 5 years

Management science represents a quantitative approach to solving problems in business. [+]

Program Requirements


1a. General Competency


            Per CCB requirements, candidates must have a minimum admission index score of 1250 to enter the Ph.D. program (index scores are calculated by taking the GMAT score plus 200 x GPA.) and a TOEFL of 580 for ESL students. Most successful applicants to our program have had a minimum of


w  Bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited university

w  3.25 GPA

w  600 GMAT score


            Also, it is expected that students entering the doctoral program will possess competencies in math, business (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, operation’s management), computer skills and have a good command of the English language. If the student is deficient in any of these areas, additional course work and preparation (beyond the major course of study) may be required. The student’s committee will determine those requirements.... [-]