Doctorate in London United Kingdom

Top PhD Programs in London United Kingdom 2016/2017


London is a worldwide destination for international students to earn their postgraduate degrees. London is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, offering high quality education from distinguished faculty. Candidates pursuing their PhD in London can take advantage of the vast professional networks as well as other candidates from around the globe bringing unique knowledge and experience to the educational environment.

Earning a PhD in London provides many opportunities in a variety of subjects. Whether it is in law, business, computer science, sociology, or neuroscience, to name a few, there are many universities offering a PhD in London. Requirements are different depending on the specific university and program, and prospective candidates should research aspects of program time, cost, and prerequisites.

A PhD in London will provide candidates with a dynamic location for furthering education. Take a look through the options below and you may find the degree you are looking for with a PhD in London!

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Doctorate in Organisational Change (ADOC)

Ashridge Executive Education
Campus Part time 4 - 5 years March 2017 United Kingdom London

Designed by practising change agents, this programme is designed to help you develop your practice to a higher level. [+]

Do you see yourself as an experienced ‘reflective practitioner’, interested in ‘action inquiry’ as a method of exploring organisation realities – and view consulting as a ‘relational’ practice?

Join us for an open day! Experience the programme, meet faculty and alumni. 

Created in response to requests from alumni of the highly successful Ashridge Masters in Organisational Change, this programme is designed to help you develop your consulting practice to a higher level.

The programme has been developed by practising consultants for consultants.

The diverse and international experience of each faculty member combine to create a powerful environment for development and learning.... [-]

Doctor of Philosophy

Amity University in London
Campus Full time 3 - 3 years August 2017 United Kingdom London

In collaboration with the University of Bolton, Amity offers doctoral programmes for research in business management and information technology. [+]

In collaboration with the University of Bolton, Amity offers doctoral programmes for research in business management and information technology. As a doctoral student, you are expected to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your chosen academic field. It is a challenging pursuit but a rewarding one, and succesful research serves to help the work of an international community of fellow researchers and professionals. Students undertake training in research methods, participate in research seminars and design and implement their own research to enable them to generate significant new knowledge. In applying for doctoral study, applicants are required to submit a detailed research proposal, setting out the general area of research, the intended contribution to the field of study, an indication of the research methods to be followed, and a full bibliography. Applications are accepted on the strength of the research proposal, as well as an applicant's motivation and prior academic attainment as the main factors leading to confidence in their chances of completion. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is awarded in recognition of independent research conducted within a supervised programme of study, completed within the allocated time and judged to constitute an original contribution to learning. The student must demonstrate the ability to relate the research results to the general body of knowledge of the subject. Assessment is based upon the final thesis and performance in a 'viva voce' oral examination. [-]