The Ph.D. in Business course is designed for leaders who have a passion for research, innovation, a desire to make a profound difference through education. If you hope to gain tremendous credibility and desire to become a recognized expert in a specific field, this course will propel you like nothing you have ever experienced. Within a proven executive development framework, the curriculum design offers an unrivaled strategic focus on your growth as an integrated individual from a multiple intelligences perspective, in addition to the scholarly development. Designed by globally renowned researchers and experts in various business fields, the course enables you to begin the journey as a systemic scholar through original research and further develop key theories that help societies advance from a unique cultural perspective. With a focus on grounded theory, this course provides you with the critical and systemic thought necessary for creating innovative theories and concepts that transform your business environment.

Program highlights include:

  • Your Ph.D. degree is earned in approximately 48 months
  • Experience holistic development such as confidence, and emotional intelligence in addition to academic knowledge
  • Globally renowned working experts from multicultural experiences guide your research
  • Conscious development of your credibility as a reputable and respected scholar

Transcontinental Institution of Higher Education takes its graduates well beyond mere scholar-leaders. Graduates will have the courage and wisdom to create innovative concepts and theories in various parts of the world. The unparalleled holistic academic learning model focuses on developing you as a whole, not just an individual developing analytical skills under an out-of-date educational model of disconnected modules. As a future scholar with us, you will experience the conscious development of complex skills and intelligence such as emotional intelligence and innovativeness over the duration of the course.

Avialable in through face-to-face residencies and distance learning.

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Program taught in:
  • English (US)
Last updated March 18, 2019
This course is Online, Online & Campus Combined
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4 - 5 years
14,650 EUR
This is the distance learning PhD program. Optional monthly tuition - 459 EURO/month for 36 months
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