5 Reasons Why “Fail” is Not a Four-Letter Word
December 14, 2015

One four-letter “f” word strikes heart in the fear of most students. No, we’re not talking about that “f” word, but about another which has the potential to derail your academic path and impede your career goals. That word, of course, is “fail.” But is it really such a bad thing? While failure is rarely the intended route, the occasional misstep or full-on stumble can actually have some surprising benefits. In fact, there’s an entire International Day of Failure designated for sharing our collective failures and embracing them as part of life. Still having trouble figuring out what good can come from failure? Let’s count down five of our favorites.

Nine Best Movies for PhD Students
November 30, 2015
PhD students are super busy and under a lot of pressure, but even the most studious doctoral candidate needs to some down time. Here's a list of nine films that perfectly capture the ethos of post-graduate studies – whether you're looking for inspiration or commiseration.

The Rise of Environmental Research
November 26, 2015
Do you excel in science and problem-solving? Do you like to use logic, reasoning, and deduction to approach tough issues? Do you have a passion for the environment and conservation? If you answered 'yes' to these questions, then a career in environmental research may be the right path for you. Read ...

Pros and Cons of Continuing into an Academic Career
November 16, 2015
PhD Students often assume they'll slide right into academic careers, but academia isn't your only option  and it's a good idea to consider every possibility. Take some time to consider this list of the pros and cons of an academic position and find out what path is right for you!

What Makes a University "International"?
May 6, 2015
Is there an incontestable way to quantify “internationalization” on the higher education scene? According to the Times Higher Education's publication, there is. Let’s take a closer look at the world's most global universities and at how they are rated.

What is The Power of Part-time Studies?
May 6, 2015
Last Wednesday a report named  “The Power of Part-time” was published by Universities UK. After amassing and analyzing data from students, employers, higher education administrators and other stakeholder organizations, the study's conclusions were firm: part-time higher education st...


January 11, 2019

Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. And while we mostly think of them in the context of entertainment, they are also aliv...

December 13, 2018

Earlier this year in Nairobi, the South Korean government announced that it would provide $9 million to support the Regional Scholarship and Innovatio...