Program Description

  • Duration (years): 3
  • Qualification Awarded: Doctor of Business Administration
  • Level of Qualification: Doctorate Degree (3rd Cycle)
  • Language of Instruction: English and Greek
  • Mode of Study: Full-time or Part-time
  • Minimum ECTS Credits: 240

Profile of the Programme

A research-based doctorate programme leading to the degree of Doctor of Business Administration DBA). The DBA research degree programme contains both taught elements (during the first 18 months) and research elements (ongoing).

The taught element of the DBA comprises of four doctoral level courses: Personal and Organisational Reflections, Literature Review, Research Philosophy, Methodology and Methods and Analysis of Information. Each of the four courses has 30 hours of class teaching. This includes face to face teaching, students working in groups, students’ presentations, discussions, etc.

It is anticipated that the taught courses will be assessed via an assignment of 7500 words in length and is followed by the thesis, which is approximately 80,000 words (including the parts from the assignment from the taught courses).

A distinctive feature of the DBA programme will be the peer support and interaction that results from having a taught element that is normally transacted within a group. All courses will encompass an active participatory learning style as appropriate and participants will be encouraged to develop knowledge and skills through group and individual projects, ranging from the presentation of their own work to active critique tasks. Students would enjoy a rich and stimulating working atmosphere, where everyone could contribute to their professional learning. Furthermore, students would learn from each other as they are engaged in an open discussion with their classmates and lecturers.

The taught modules provide ongoing guidance on work in progress. This will help to support the achievement of appropriate standards where work is developed and discussed as an on-going and iterative process between candidate and lectures. Following this, students need to proceed by completing and submitting the final assignment for assessment.

Further, the DBA 803 (Research Philosophy, Methodology and Methods course) has an assessed presentation (taking place in front of the faculty and class) and assignment. This guarantees that the students get all the necessary support and guidance.

The students may be asked to follow additional courses from the Master's programmes.

Career Prospects


Access to Further Studies



Students should pass all assessed work requirements of the programme (presentation, assignments, final proposal approval, thesis viva exam). There is no written examination. Students need to pass the annual evaluation from the DPPC.


Successful completion of the programme requirements and passing the viva examination.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a substantial contribution to theoretical knowledge and practice;
  2. Provide insight into research and research methods, understand the role of an independent, researcher, capable of developing and carrying out a well-conceived research plan, directed towards a given aim and objectives;
  3. Create, interpret and apply knowledge through scientific research that merits publication;
  4. Acquire and demonstrate an understanding of a substantial body of knowledge at the forefront of current business concepts and processes;
  5. Conceptualise, design and implement a substantial research project that generates new knowledge that contributes to theory and practice;
  6. Develop and implement suitable research philosophies, methodologies, and methods.
Last updated Nov 2018

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UNIC is the largest university in Cyprus, with over 12,000+ students, from over 70 countries across the globe, coming together in an innovative and transformative learning space. Read less
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