DBA in Administrative Sciences awarded by University of San Miguel


Program Description

General Objective

Form resources human of high level capable of generating and distributing relevant knowledge and modelling intervention strategies, innovative and effective procedures enabling organizations to manage and increase the tangible and intangible resources to face the development sustainable, so as to form researchers that are inserted into the public and private sectors in academic institutions with high academic standards in the research, able to develop interdisciplinary.



Universal Business School (UBS) has consolidated a strategic partnership with the University of San Miguel (USM) to offer for the first time a Doctoral Program in Administrative Sciences-DBA, thus opening an exchange of opportunities among students from Latin America and India through the use of mixed methodology that will include online and in-person studies over a period of 3 years (6 semesters). Students will be able to select the language for the program in either English or Spanish, which will determine the assignment of the Thesis Director at the end of the second semester.

This program will provide the student with a solid background to develop research that produces original knowledge and offer a rigorous preparation for the academic and / or professional exercise.

The best of India and Latin America come together at Universal Business School.

Description and Duration of the Study Plan and Programs

This plan and program of study correspond to the Doctorate in Administrative Sciences DBA, is composed of:

  • 6 semesters
  • The lines of knowledge that it contemplates are Research and Degree Thesis, Economics and Finance, Legal-Social and Business Administration and Management
  • Semesters I and II have 4 subjects
  • Semesters III, IV, and V have 3 subjects
  • Semester VI has 1 subject
  • The duration of the subjects maybe 28 and 35 hours, in the specific case of the subject Economic Engineering of the 1st semester is divided into 2 parts, 35 hours each, giving a total of 70 hours the complete subject.
  • The Doctorate is made up of a total of 18 subjects
  • The Presentation of Colloquiums will take place from the 3rd semester, until the closing of the doctorate. It is recommended that the colloquiums be presented at the end of each semester, being included within the methodology subjects
  • At the end of the second semester, a Thesis Director will be assigned to the student, who will guide the development of his research

Program Details

  • Format: Full-time
  • Degree awarded: Doctorate in Administrative Sciences DBA
  • Duration: 6 semesters - 3 years
  • Period: 2020-2023 (first cohort)
  • Month of Admission: January and/or July
  • Time of classes to be attended: 623 hours to be completed personally in 36 months.
  • Number of subjects: 18
  • Language: English and/or Spanish (a selection)
  • Methodology: mixed- in-person and online
  • Professional Experience: Preferable
  • Academic requirements: Master's degree or equivalent according to international standards.
  • Tuition fee: $ 6,320 (does not include taxes / GST)

Income Profile

Desirable Features

  1. Having been or being a teacher of a subject related to the area of administrative sciences.
  2. Count with the ability to work in team collaborative.
  3. Knowledge in theories, methods, and techniques in the sciences of the administration.
  4. Background of research in the area of interest.
  5. An innovative attitude, creative and inspired by a social commitment.

Required Features

  1. Training in methodology for the research, which includes the least understanding of the main research methods in management science and management of the fundamental techniques of collecting and analyzing data.
  2. The candidates to enter the doctorate must submit one draft research well structured and of interest institutional. In addition to an approach necessary to allow associate the basic theoretical and methodological with that account the candidate to undertake the studies of Doctorate.
  3. Capacity for logical reasoning, analysis, and synthesis.
  4. Attitudinal of honesty, responsibility, perseverance and critical and self- critical spirit.


1st semester

Subjects Duration
Economic Engineering 70 hours
Instruments for Decision Making (Accounting and Financial) 28 hours
Analysis of Quantitative Applied 28 hours
Methods and Design of the Research Protocol 35 hours

2nd semester

Subjects Duration
Topics of Fiscal and Financial Management 35 hours
Topics on Corporate and Family Business 35 hours
Leadership and Business Talent 28 hours
Research Process I 35 hours

3rd semester

Subjects Duration
Government, Business, and Corporatism 28 hours
Marketing and Business Intelligence 35 hours
Research Process II 35 hours

4th semester

Subjects Duration
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 28 hours
Topics of Humanism and Business 35 hours
Research Process III 35 hours

5th semester

Subjects Duration
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 28 hours
Topics on the State of the Art and Globalism 35 hours
Research Process IV 35 hours

6th semester

Subjects Duration
35 hours


  • Master's degree or equivalent according to international standards.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Two letters of reference (LOR) (School/university/employer)
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Universal Business School was established as part of Strive India Education Foundation in February 2009. Universal Business School (UBS) takes a leap forward, by creating India’s first Green Business School ensuring eco-smart integrated thinking and a sustainable campus. Read less