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A Doctorate of Business Administration is earned through a high-level and research-based academic program focused on the necessary knowledge required for elite academic or consulting careers. Programs are often composed of Business Theory, Research Design and Professional Development coursework in addition to independent study. 

Students who wish to earn a DBA, or Doctorate of Business Administration, must first have earned a Master in a related field. A DBA program can take about two to four years of study to receive, and graduating with a DBA indicates that students have become experts in their field.

Australia has a subsidized higher education for students pursuing the undergraduate degrees. They also give loan and grants for the post graduate students. Higher learning starts at undergraduate degree level to a doctoral degree offered in any field of study.

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Doctor of Business Administration

IPAG Business School
Campus Full time 2 - 4 years

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is an executive, research-oriented doctorate in business administration. [+]

DBAs in Australia 2017. Sabi University and Business Institute and Ipag Business School have signed an agreement to offer a blended dual degree programme in Doctor of Business Administration.The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is an executive, research-oriented doctorate in business administration. The DBA programme mainly consists of conducting independent research on a chosen topic and the writing of a dissertation. The research mastered in the programme would then be applied to making a direct contribution to business practices. Throughout the duration of the programme, students will undertake independent study of a chosen topic and work closely with a supervisor who will offer them guidance and support. Once their study is complete and students have written a dissertation presenting their results, they will have to defend their dissertation through a viva voce (oral) examination in front of a grand jury. DBA students must complete the course, seminars and workshops during the first semester of their studies. Modules Research and Methodology Analysis and Critique 1 and 2 Leadership 1 and 2 International Business Management Managing Organizational Change and Developments Business English Human Resource Management All DBA students must pass the Grand Comprehensive Exam (GCE) before a jury at the end of the first semester after completing their courses, seminars and workshops successfully. [-]

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

SBS Swiss Business School
Campus Part time 30 - 72 months

The Doctor of Business Administration program attempts to bring theory and practice to bear on decision making in complex organizations in order to help these institutions adapt to change and lay the foundations for long term survival. [+]

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) The mission of the institution is to educate individuals who will contribute to the management and leadership of global organizations. Welcome from the Academic Dean Many now hold to the proposition that the DBA is to the 21st century what the MBA was to the latter half of the 20th century. Without engaging in that debate it is certainly the case that work environments face challenges without historical precedent. Business and government leaders everywhere are confronted by novel situations for which past theories, practices and strategies do not seem to provide the answers. Change continues to accelerate and the impacts of globalisation, at once profound and subtle, affect all institutions and organisations. No longer can leaders be contented simply to apply knowledge, they must lead the generation of knowledge in their own organisations that informs practice and policy peculiar to their circumstances. In other words, business leaders today must be able to lead the conduct of work related research. This DBA is designed to equip candidates with this capability. The SBS International Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) offers an option for organisations and individuals looking to improve their business performance through the development of a superior capacity to investigate and resolve organisationally based, while designing and carrying out original research. It equips senior managers with the skills to apply current research methodology to issues of corporate concern and enhances candidates’ research and consultancy skills. We invite you to consider the many benefits the SBS DBA... [-]

PhD in Business

RMIT University
Campus Full time 4 years January 2018 Australia Melbourne

In the business PhD program you will develop advanced research skills that will prepare you for a career in academia and other settings in which systematic... [+]

PhD in Business

In the business PhD program you will develop advanced research skills that will prepare you for a career in academia and other settings in which systematic and critical analytical skills are required.This PhD may be undertaken in a project, thesis by publication or thesis mode.You can specialise in:

business ethics modelling strategy and leadership organisational change innovation computer law entrepreneurship corporate governance corporate regulation corporation law computer and privacy law commercial law tax law.

Program structure

You will undertake the PhD program under the supervision of an appointed research supervisor.The PhD program is structured to enable you to:... [-]