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Doctorates in Business Administration indicate graduates completed a high-level course of study preparing them for professional academia and/or advanced consulting. DBA programs incorporate a balance of student-driven research and traditional coursework including Professional Development, Publication and Dissemination and Advanced Research Techniques.

Effective business communication is vital for getting information across to coworkers, the general public and to consumers. This particular focus of communication is the study of how to do that using a variety of methods, such as writing, spreadsheets, graphic and oral presentations, and video.

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Horizons University

The learning objectives of this degree are to provide high quality skills and the required knowledge of Company Leaders and Executive Managers in an international context ... [+]

DBA in International Business Communication

Objectives of the PhD

The learning objectives of this degree are to provide highquality skills and the required knowledge of Company Leadersand Executive Managers in an international context.



Studying Options

It is possible to study for thisboth Onsite and Online.


Seminars One-to-one supervising Independent research Experiments

Career Perspectives

DBA holders will have enhanced their leadership and executivemanagement skills and typically undertake careers in variousInternational Management and International Marketing roles andhave the ability to provide quality contributions to innovation andstrategic development within their company. Many graduatesstart their own company.... [-]

France Paris
September 2019
3 - 4 years