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The DBA is an advanced degree with a specific focus on applying the business principles learned through participation in a program. DBA stands for Doctor of Business Administration. This program differs from the PhD in that it looks at the application of principles rather than on research in the business world. The DBA is a fairly modern program. Employers are finding that graduates from this type of program function well in a challenging and changing environment.

What is a DBA in Human Resources? This program focuses on the challenges and issues facing business leaders in human resource positions. Students can plan to participate in courses covering subjects like globalization, ethics, traditional and current strategies, stakeholder relationships, and advanced decision making. Students are expected to gain an in-depth understanding of the theories and applied principles, as well as current research, within the human resources segment of business.

With a doctorate degree in human resources, graduates will have access to jobs with good benefits, a comfortable salary, and the chance to make an influence within their field. This advanced degree can open doors to job opportunities on an international scale or in executive positions.

The costs of participating in a DBA in Human Resources program can vary quite a bit between different schools. Prospective students can get the information they need about tuition and other costs by contacting schools individually.

This degree, from an accredited school, prepares graduates to succeed in a global marketplace. With the skills and practical knowledge gained throughout the intensive course of study, graduates often find job positions with businesses, government agencies, and with schools. Jobs are often found on an executive level, for consulting firms, and as teachers. Graduates are prepared to integrate research and the application of practices into the development of global workplaces.


Graduates from the doctorate program have many opportunities to inform, to shape theory and influence application, and to affect global business strategies. If you are interested in applying to one of these programs, search for your program below and contact directly the admission of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. 

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Interactive Online DBA

LIGS University
Online Part time 2 - 3 years Open Enrollment USA Honolulu Czech Republic Prague + 2 more

Interactive Online DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) represents the highest level of management education, and it is designed primarily for experienced managers who are operating at the upper management level. [+]

DBA Degrees in Human Resources. Interactive Online DBA Interactive Online DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) represents the highest level of management education, and it is designed primarily for experienced managers who are operating at the upper management level. While studying the DBA program, you will learn how to better understand the environment in which you are engaged in professionally, and you will also develop the ability to respond efficiently and promptly to new challenges. The DBA program will expose you to the techniques of scientific research and their applicability when put to practice. The study is 100% online in accordance with the newest trends in the field of professional education and the latest communication technologies. Thanks to the Student information system, you can study anytime, anywhere and from any kind of computer connected to the Internet. Specification of the program Program duration:  2 to 3 years (or individually) Language of instruction: English or Spanish or their combination Form of education: The Effective Oxford tutorial model combined with an Interactive Online form of education. Start date of the program: Anytime Admissions requirement: MBA or MSc graduates Degree earned: DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) Structure of the program The Interactive Online DBA program comprises 12 courses. Students complete 4 courses of the specialization (of your choice), 4 courses from the elective module (of your choice) and 4 courses of the Methodology module and the Dissertation Thesis (uniform for all students). Methodology module and the Dissertation Thesis: courses are the same for all... [-]