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The degree of Doctor of Business Administration, or DBA, is earned after completion of a program that focuses on the application of research and theories. This degree often requires the better part of two years in intensive study and coursework. The DBA is equivalent to a PhD, but focuses on practical application rather than on research.

What is a DBA in International? This business administration program focuses on the issues that affect society across country boundaries. The coursework is geared toward those who have already completed a master’s program and who have multiple years of experience as a professional. Students of the International program will have the advantage of a comprehensive curriculum and access to seasoned professionals within their field.

There are significant advantages for graduates from this program. Only the very top performers in the field are able to earn the doctorate degree. Completion of an advanced program is evidence to prospective employers that the graduate is a leader in their field. Successful completion of this advanced degree is also proof of distinction and creative problem-solving.

The cost of participating in and completing a DBA in International program will vary from one school to another. For this reason, prospective students should contact each school individually in order to obtain specific and accurate information.

With a DBA, graduates are prepared to fill rewarding positions with challenges and excitement. These positions are available in a variety of areas within the field. Jobs might include brand management, sales and marketing management, executive management consultancy, and education. Some graduates choose to continue doing research, while others choose to fill leadership roles in their local and business communities.


Prospective students with a master’s degree and some work experience can apply for a doctorate program. In some cases, students with a master’s in an unrelated field will be admitted if they have a great deal of management experience. If you are interested, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. 

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