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A Doctor of Business Administration, or DBA) from a university or business school in the Netherlands is ideally suited to an experienced business professional who already possesses an MBA, MSc or comparable master's degree. DBA programs at businss schools in the Netherlands are designed to develop candidates' analytical, research and communicative skills. DBA degrees are valuable academic credentials for professionals who seek promotion to a higher leadership or executive position within their company, or for those who desire to teach at the university level.

Typically requiring approximately four years to complete, DBA degree work can be structured on a full-time or part-time schedule. DBA candidates at universities in the Netherlands undertake research projects that deal with any of a vast variety of theoretical and practical topics relating to business and management. Through conducting research, DBA candidates develop their professional knowledge, which can inform business practice at their present company and future business ventures. During the duration of the DBA research project, faculty at the university in the Netherlands will engage in a high level of professor-participant communication.

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Doctorate in Business Administration

ESA Business School - Ecole Supérieure des Affaires
Campus Full time 3 years

The DBA is intended for executives and managers wishing to engage in a high-level reflection while pursuing their professional activity. [+]

Doctor of Business Administration Degrees in Netherlands 2017. DBA: Doctorate in Business Administration Training on General Management Target: Holder of a master’s degree Minimum experience: 10 years Language: French Objective The DBA is intended for executives and managers wishing to engage in a high-level reflection while pursuing their professional activity. An international diploma The DBA is delivered by ESA Business School as partner of the Management School at the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Course structure Duration: 3 years (in agreement with the administrative manager, the scientific director may decide, in certain circumstances, to extend this period by one year). Courses are held once a month. Fees Administrative fees to be paid upon submission of the application: 285 USD Tuition fees: First year: 15000 USD Second year: 10000 USD Third year: 10000 USD [-]

DBA International

Business School Netherlands
Online & Campus Combined Part time September 2017 Netherlands Buren

Fulfil your ambition Do you have the desire to take your professional development to the next level? The DBA International programme is offered in English to Senior Professionals, Chief Executive Officers and Senior Managers looking to experience professional advancement, develop research skills as well as a strong scientific attitude through the encouragement of original research at doctorate level whilst adding new theory and/or findings to the existing body of knowledge. [+]

You are an experienced, successful Senior Professional, Senior Manager or Chief Executive Officer. You have an MBA or similar qualification. You feel that you need a deeper understanding of the issues you face and a more systematic way of investigating options and possibilities. You feel that only by stepping back and taking the time, and putting the issues you face into a broader context of theoretical knowledge, will you be able to develop the kinds of breakthrough solutions you are looking for. You are enthusiastic about personal, professional and organisational development and are motivated to contribute to management thinking and practice by researching and developing new ways of doing things.... [-]

EDBA - Executive Doctor of Business Administration

United International Business Schools
Campus Part time 2 - 4 years

The Executive DBA program is an advanced academic program for university graduates and working professionals wishing to pursue a progressive career in the field of business and management. [+]

Doctor of Business Administration Degrees in Netherlands 2017. Postgraduate courses are divided into program-specific courses. Electives can be chosen from any of the scheduled courses offered at the postgraduate level. Program-specific courses are scheduled based on enrollments and may not be available at all campuses. Refer to the program schedule for further details. Refer to the course overview for the list of available courses. Students are recommended to complete courses and earn credits at the highest level possible. Program requirements Switching to another program once the studies have started is possible as long as the program requirements are met by the end of the studies. Therefore, the decision to switch should be made as early as possible to avoid not meeting the program requirements within the intended program duration. DBA-SPECIFIC COURSES Level 700 PGDBA701 - Advanced Organizational Behavior (5) PGDBA702 - Corporate Social Responsibility (5) PGDBA703 - Corporate Communication Strategies (5) PGDBA704 - Advanced International Economics (5) PGDBA705 - Global Leadership Styles (5) PGDBA706 - Global Business Development (5) PGDBA707 - Management Information Systems (5) PGDBA708 - Quantitative Research Methods (5) PGDBA709 - Strategic Decision-making (5) Advanced Cases in Business Studies (5) Level 800 PGD801 - Dissertation Proposal (5) PGD802 - Dissertation (10) Admission Because of the program’s flexible structure and modular design, multiple starting dates are available in October, November, January, February, April and May. Admission requirements - proficiency in the English language (refer to the admission section for further details) - business-related Master degree (or equivalent) No distinction... [-]