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A Doctorate in Business administration signifies the completion of a research-based program focused on the building blocks of high-level consultation in the business sector. Universities around the globe offer competitive DBA programs in countries like the United States, China, Australia and Spain.

PhD is the uppermost level of study that an individual can achieve in any field of study and specialization. This academic level enables you find out academic secrets that have never been utilized or discovered. It aims at improving an idea to help make the life of man easy while living on earth.

Tunisia, officially the Republic of Tunisia, is the smallest country in North Africa. It is a Maghreb country bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. At the university level in Tunisia the first cycle of studies in the academic stream is of two years, which leads to the award of Diploma d’Etudes Universitaires du Premier Cycle.

Tunis is the pioneer of virtual education and provides many college courses online. As it’s the capital of Tunisia, there are also many of standard universities and population of around 76 thousand students.

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Doctorate In Business Administration

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The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration - DBA is a doctoral that caters to executives and managers in business, holding an MBA or EMBA. [+]

DBAs 2017 in Tunis Tunisia. The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration - DBA is a doctoral that caters to executives and managers in business, holding an MBA or EMBA. Training created by the Harvard Business School, Executive DBA is an international success because it allows candidates to choose research topics from the issues facing their organizations and augemente anchoring Executive DBA to business. The Executive DBA programs allow managers to get high and greatly enhance their career prospects. DBA of the thesis takes place exactly like a PhD, in terms of discipline, effort and contribution to knowledge. The Doctorate of Businness Admnistration is the equivalent of PhD according to the US Department of Education and the National Science Foundation. As opposed to the PhD is aimed at basic training in full-time students, the DBA is designed for professionals in business. The International University of Tunis and Paris Academy of Management Science this offer doctoral training to complement the professional skills of managers with academic qualifications. Holders of DBA executive are particularly sought after by business schools and international Executive Institute training of large organizations, and sometimes medium to search for highly qualified teachers. [-]