Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Program Description

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The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is designed for candidates who, having already completed a Master's program, are looking to further develop their practical and theoretical knowledge of the principles that govern global business. The WU DBA program emphasizes advanced decision making and leadership skills as well as in-depth knowledge of theory and applied research. Students have the opportunity to explore challenges facing business today, including corporate social responsibility, globalization, and managing change. In keeping with our commitment to working adult professionals, we have one of the few doctoral programs in Southern California that allow students to complete their doctoral studies in a hybrid or online format. The performance outcomes which are required for the completion of the program include class participation, response to discussion questions, writing research papers, group assignments, case study analyses, quizzes, mid-term and final examinations (Comprehensive Learning Assessments), and a Doctoral Final Project/ Dissertation.

DBA Program Objectives

Westcliff University wants to produce capable and knowledgeable students who manifest an understanding of work and careers and an ability to adapt quickly to the expectations of employers and the work environment. The master’s degree in business administration requires both academic and personal growth of its students, contributing to their success as classroom teachers. The program’s educational objectives are to:

  • Assess and interpret the foundational material for communications in a manner that supports the accuracy of the messages (Communication)
  • Critique how a broader understanding of cultural differences results in personal competencies that positively impact business strategies (Diversity)
  • Formulate how transformational leadership can improve the implementation of business objectives no matter the location of the business (Team)
  • Evaluate how the relationship between vision and tactics can result in meaningful and successful strategies in a complex business environment (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving)
  • Judge and measure how the internal and external criteria for an organization may be used to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness of a business operation (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving)
  • Justify the ethical choices related to societal issues, so as to optimize organizational effectiveness in a global setting (Ethics)
  • Evaluate the essence of business knowledge in the existing literature to produce new, meaningful ideas that have a practical application (Research)

DBA Program Required Courses

1st Year (18 credit hours)

  • BUS 710 Finance for Managers
  • BUS 715 Global Economics
  • BUS 720 Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behavior
  • BUS 725 Business Intelligence & Information Systems
  • BUS 730 Management Strategy for Performance
  • BUS 735 Leading Change

Doctoral Qualifying Exam

2nd Year (18 credit hours)

  • BUS 740 Global Business Initiatives
  • BUS 745 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • BUS 750 Statistics for Business
  • BUS 755 Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • BUS 760 Creative Solutions Leadership
  • BUS 765 Management of Technological Innovation

3rd Year (9 credit hours)

  • BUS 770 Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • BUS 775 Transformation & Execution Strategies
  • BUS 780 Organizational Development

Doctoral Comprehensive Exam (1 credit hour)

Final Project & Dissertation (14 credit hours)

  • BUS 785 Final Project & Dissertation Block 1
  • BUS 790 Final Project & Dissertation Block 2
  • BUS 795 Final Project & Dissertation Block 3

Total 60 credit hours

Westcliff University Will Help You

  • Apply theory to real-life through professional business cases
  • Advance your leadership and teaching potential
  • Enhance your practical job skills for career advancement
  • Be creative and innovative with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Learn through the vast experiences of our esteemed faculty

Imagine Where a DBA Degree Can Take You

Possible career opportunities include:

  • Education Administrator
  • Director of Business Development
  • Regional Management
  • VP of Operations
  • Educational/Management Consultant
  • Manufacturing Director
  • Social & Community Services Manager
  • Management Analysts

Admissions Requirements

  • Interview with an Admissions Representative
  • Master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Personal statement of professional goals
  • Official transcripts from previous institutions
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Westcliff University is a globally recognized and regionally accredited private institution that specializes in Business and Education. Our curriculum is designed to develop students both personally a ... Read More

Westcliff University is a globally recognized and regionally accredited private institution that specializes in Business and Education. Our curriculum is designed to develop students both personally and professionally through practical, innovative, high-quality distance and campus programs. Read less