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After earning a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, some decide to take their educational credentials a step further by pursuing a Doctor of Education degree. Typically research-based, most Doctor of Education programs help students refine their knowledge of a particular field of study.

What is a Doctor of Education in Curriculum? Generally speaking, this type of program is designed for professional educators who want to refine their skills as a curriculum specialist. Ultimately, this course of study can prepare educators for the challenges they face in the curricular administration sector. Those pursuing this degree may take courses that cover culture and leadership, ethics and morals, and curriculum implementation and design.

One of the main benefits of this program is that students can learn how to design and implement an effective curriculum program, which can help them excel as an educational administrator. Students may also enhance their organizational and research skills, which can help them gain promotions within their career.

Whether a program is in person or online, how long the program takes to complete, and where the school is located can all affect the total cost of earning this degree. The rate of tuition the school charges can also impact how much it costs to earn this degree.

Some graduates who earn a Doctor of Education in Curriculum choose to remain in the educational sector as a teacher of young children or teenagers, while others decide to move into a position as a college educator. In many cases, graduates of this program work as instructional coordinators, principals, or curriculum planners and coordinators for government institutions or private and charter schools.

There are many exciting opportunities that await those who pursue a Doctor of Education in Curriculum either in person or online. To find out more about available options, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Doctorate in Education with a specialty in Curriculum and Teaching

University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras
Campus Full time August 2019 Puerto Rico San Juan

The mission of this doctorate is to facilitate the training of education professionals who contribute collaboratively in organizations and diverse contexts. To encourage graduated students to develop competences around research, creation, knowledge management and leadership that empowers them to generate transformative policies based on ethical, reflective, critical and respectful practices of human dignity. [+]

Our graduate programs in Education offer a Doctorate in Education degree with a specialty in Curriculum and Teaching with the following subspecialties:

Scientific EducationPhysical educationMathematics educationSpanishHistoryLearning TechnologyCurriculum Theory, Design and EvaluationEnglish as a Second LanguageGoals and Mission

The goals of the Program are covered by the Conceptual Framework of the Faculty of Education (2001), whose vision states that "the Faculty of Education Eugenio Maria de Hostos constitutes a dynamic and diverse learning community, committed to the highest values ​​of justice, democracy and peace ". Educators are conceived as protagonists and managers of knowledge in its diverse manifestations whose work is central in the transformation of multiple scenarios.... [-]