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Top 4 EdDs in Education Research 2019

A Doctor of Education is a research-based doctorate degree that focuses on a field in education. Most scholars need to have a master’s degree to get into this type of program. A Doctor of Education can take full-time students three years to complete.

What is a Doctor of Education in Education Research? It is an educational program designed to help students learn how to analyze multiple academic principles to come up with new ideas for education practice and policy reform. Some programs may focus on a specific area, but others may cover economics, the arts, history, biology and psychology. The exact courses offered during this research-based program can vary from school to school. Many curricula incorporate the impact of culture and society on education, introduction to applied data analysis, history of education policy and foundations in program evaluation.

This degree prepares students to be top thinkers in education reform. Participants may hone their analysis, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. While these abilities can make students more appealing candidates, they can also help them be more thoughtful friends, mentors and significant others.

There is no universal cost for a Doctor of Education. Some schools may charge more due to campus location, and others may base the tuition on the duration of the program. Applicants can get a better idea of the potential cost by contacting schools.

Completing a Doctor of Education in Education Research can prepare students for a variety of careers. Many graduates go on to become educational researchers and policymakers, but some may take a different career path. For example, scholars may go on to become professors, teachers, principals, administrators or superintendents. All of the graduates may have different opportunities based on their experiences and education.

You may be able to find a Doctor of Education program at universities in various countries. Some schools offer online programs to make getting an education easier. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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4 Results in Education Research

Instituto Para La Calidad De La Educacion

The Doctorate in Education program is made up of academic studies based on research. Its purpose is to develop knowledge at the highest level. ... [+]

The Doctorate in Education program is made up of academic studies based on research. Its purpose is to develop knowledge at the highest level.

Graduate profile

The doctor in education, graduated from the University of San Martin de Porres has the following competences:

Directs multidisciplinary research and educational innovation groups and participates in them, using the knowledge and competences of the Sciences of Education, the Research Methodology and the related disciplines.He participates in teaching at all levels of the education system, particularly in postgraduate and continuing education programs, for which he develops new teaching-learning procedures appropriate to that level of education.Select designs and applies the learning assessment procedures and instruments that are adequate to assess the achievement of the objectives of their subject and obtain the necessary feedback for the improvement of the teaching - learning process.Directs teams and participates in processes of design, revision and modification of the curriculum of different levels and educational programs.Participates in the formulation, execution, evaluation and control of educational development policies and projects.Manage institutions, programs and educational processes with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.Directs teams and actively participates in processes of accreditation, licensing and quality management of institutions and educational programs.Interprets in a rigorous sense the national educational reality and its historical projection in the context of its socio-economic, cultural and political formations, highlighting its own values.CurriculumAcademic degree... [-]
Peru Lima
March 2020
6 semesters
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

The Doctor of Education, Dual Award programme is designed for professionals who would like to extend their professional expertise and training and develop skills in resea ... [+]

The EdD (Dual Award) programme is unique in SouthEast Asia in drawing on the expertise in professional practice and research of two major higher education institutions, the National Institute of Education, Singapore, and the University of London's Institute of Education. Not only does it offer an international perspective on issues of professionalism and leadership in education but by bringing together a diverse student population from a number of countries and different areas of education, allows for a rich and lively learning environment. It is designed for experienced practitioners who would like to strengthen their professional expertise and develop competence in researching and assessing educational practice. These range from senior administrators in schools, higher educational institutes and governmental bodies to experienced teachers and academic staff in colleges and universities.... [-]

Universidade da Coruña

The Doctoral Program in Equity and Innovation in Education is promoted by the Universities of A Coruña, Cantabria, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo (Coordinating U ... [+]


The Programme Doctorate in Equity and Innovation in Education Is promoted by the Universities of A Coruña, Cantabria, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo (Coordinating University). It is oriented to the training of teachers and educational researchers from the perspective of equity and innovation.

Why study the degree

This Program seeks to respond to the existing need in today's society to focus education from the perspective of equity and innovation, justifying their interest and need in the following evidence:

The need to give continuity and offer ways of research specialization to the studies resulting from the new organization of the university system in Education, and more specifically:The studies of teacher education in Primary and Secondary Education, which after the recent reforms are called to give access and continuity in studies of second and third cycle; The studies of teacher training of Compulsory Secondary School, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching, Other masters of educational specialization already existent in the participating universities. The realization of the need to promote research that addresses the problems of social and educational inequality present in our society and that are taking on new forms as a result of the social transformations of the country and the effects of a globalized economy and an increasingly fragmented society . The training of researchers prepared to detect, analyze, investigate and promote innovative educational processes committed to equity, social justice and inclusion is a highly complex challenge that forms the core of this program. In the same... [-]
Spain A Coruña
September 2019
3 - 5 years
University of Technology Sydney

The Doctor of Education is designed to meet the needs of practitioners and professionals who wish to research some aspect of their field of practice. Candidates embark on ... [+]

The course caters not only for students committed to an academic path, but for senior practitioners from public and private sectors who wish to study and undertake research at the highest level.

The purpose of the course is to enhance the practitioner's capacity to question, analyse, critique and develop their profession and its practices. It is a research degree whose purpose is to assist professionals to develop a relationship between research and their professional activities, in areas such as policy development and appraisal, innovation and administration.

Career options include leadership roles in the education field as a principal, manager, planner, policy adviser, teacher or trainer, in a government, industrial, commercial or community setting.... [-]

Australia Sydney
January 2020
4 - 8 years