Doctor of Education in Lima in Peru

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Doctor of Education

Educators who wish to gain specialized knowledge often enter Doctor of Education programs. Graduates may work in traditional teaching settings or choose positions in less traditional fields such as education policy or curriculum development.

A Doctor of Education is a doctoral degree that emphasizes the field of education. It is a terminal degree that generally entitles the recipient to instruct at the university level in education.

Peru, officially the Republic of Peru, is a country in western South America. Peru has about 80 universities with a lot more private universities than public. The primary language is still Spanish but there are some courses specifically created for international students.

Lima is the capital city of Peru and it is popular for being a good corporate destination. Lima has a booming hotel business due to this reason. Keeping this in mind universities in Lima like Universidad de Lima and Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, are dedicated to preparing students to compete well in the corporate world.

Doctor of Education in Lima in Peru

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PhD in education

Instituto Para La Calidad De La Educacion
Campus Full time 6 semesters March 2019 Peru Lima

The Doctorate in Education program is made up of academic studies based on research. Its purpose is to develop knowledge at the highest level. [+]

The Doctorate in Education program is made up of academic studies based on research. Its purpose is to develop knowledge at the highest level.

Graduate profile

The doctor in education, graduated from the University of San Martin de Porres has the following competences:

Directs multidisciplinary research and educational innovation groups and participates in them, using the knowledge and competences of the Sciences of Education, the Research Methodology and the related disciplines.He participates in teaching at all levels of the education system, particularly in postgraduate and continuing education programs, for which he develops new teaching-learning procedures appropriate to that level of education.Select designs and applies the learning assessment procedures and instruments that are adequate to assess the achievement of the objectives of their subject and obtain the necessary feedback for the improvement of the teaching - learning process.Directs teams and participates in processes of design, revision and modification of the curriculum of different levels and educational programs.Participates in the formulation, execution, evaluation and control of educational development policies and projects.Manage institutions, programs and educational processes with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.Directs teams and actively participates in processes of accreditation, licensing and quality management of institutions and educational programs.Interprets in a rigorous sense the national educational reality and its historical projection in the context of its socio-economic, cultural and political formations, highlighting its own values.CurriculumAcademic degree... [-]