Our academic program, endorsed through resolution 19693 of 28 September 2017, aims to train researchers with solid theoretical and methodological knowledge to interpret the communicative problems of the current social context. Our program is intended for university professors and researchers from different fields of knowledge, mainly the Social and Human Sciences, with the purpose of enhancing their understanding of new and advanced research techniques, ideas and approaches related to the field of Communication.

The program emphasizes the study of the transformations of the communicative environment, as a product of technological development.

Research line

Communication in organizations

Analyze the models, dynamics, logic, processes and communication challenges faced by the business public, private, civil, solidarity and virtual organizations, in local, regional and international arenas, after the communication ecosystem that has been set up in recent years and in which interest groups, public, and citizens actively participate.

Journalism, culture & society

Investigate the circulation modes of journalistic messages as well as the social and cultural transformations they produce. Likewise, this line will also address the changes in the routines of messages production and in the reception areas.

Languages, narratives & representations

Investigate the diverse communicative messages to find patterns, aesthetics, and the identities they define, besides their interpretation by audiences, critics, experts, and artists.

Communication, media & citizenship

Analyze the socio-political changes of the current context from the possibilities offered by the media ecosystem when building the public arena.

Communication theories

Enquire and debate on the theoretical concepts formulated on communication on its various and dense dimensions: public, political, audiovisual and organizational.



Tuition and other costs

  • Registration: $ 145.000 COP/41 USD approximately
  • Tuition in Colombian pesos (COP): $104.145.000. Approximate amount in US dollars: 32.543 USD

*All amounts in dollars are approximate values. The amount is calculated according to the USD exchange rate of the day.

Program taught in:
Last updated March 21, 2019
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Aug 2019
4 years
104,145,000 COP
June 15, 2019
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Start Date
Aug 2019
End Date
July 31, 2023
Application deadline
June 15, 2019

Aug 2019

Application deadline
June 15, 2019
End Date
July 31, 2023

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