Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology


Program Description

Prepare to engage in the ethical and diversity-sensitive practice of professional psychology through our doctoral program in clinical psychology and become a licensed psychologist in New York State.

Medaille's doctoral program in clinical psychology (PsyD) is a full-time, five-year, practitioner-oriented program that prepares you for a career as a licensed psychologist. Graduates are prepared to engage in the ethical and diversity-sensitive practice of professional psychology. We provide training in psychological assessment, psychotherapy, consultation, and clinical leadership. Additionally, you will gain a firm grounding in the scientific and clinical underpinnings of psychology to deliver effective diagnostic and therapeutic services.

"We provide a stimulating learning environment where students can develop personally and professionally to become outstanding practitioners."

Lynn Horne-Moyer, Ph.D., PsyD Program Director

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What can you do with this degree?

The doctoral program in clinical psychology opens doors to professional practice with medical, forensic, and mental health populations. PsyD holders typically go into private practice or work in a variety of government, private or nonprofit settings, including hospitals, clinics, prisons, and corporate offices. Salaries are significantly higher than master's level practitioners and those with non-doctorate psychology degrees.

What does the doctoral program in clinical psychology entail?

In Medaille's PsyD program, students work closely with faculty mentors and supervisors who support their professional and personal development. Through completing extensive clinical training, students gain experience and confidence as they complete a degree needed for licensure. Training includes more than 1,000 hours of supervised practicum experience,  a one-year pre-doctoral internship, and a clinical dissertation. Students may develop their expertise by selecting one of our optional concentrations.

The Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is right for you if:

You aspire for a career as a professional psychologist and need a program that focuses on the practice of psychology and applied research, and meets the requirements for licensure in New York State. You aim to deliver effective diagnostic and therapeutic services to diverse populations of clients and yearn to learn how to exercise leadership and work effectively with other disciplines as part of a professional team.

You are prepared to undertake an intense, full-time program and have longed to move toward the doctoral level. When you acquire your Doctor of Psychology, you are on your way to becoming a professional, ethical, knowledgeable, and successful partner.

You are interested in addressing health and mental health needs from a scientific point of view and you have a fascination with diagnosis and theory. You want a firm grounding in formal psychological testing and comprehensive assessment with children or adults, including neuropsychological, intelligence, cognitive, and personality testing.

You want to practice independently as a licensed psychologist. Our graduates have obtained licensure/registration in New York, Rhode Island, and Ontario.

You are interested in teaching and you want to immerse yourself in the theory and research basis of human behavior and behavioral change.

You desire to learn from licensed professionals with real-world experience. As experts in the field, Medaille College faculty will be mentors in your academic and professional development. Small, dynamic class settings appeal to you, and you like the idea of studying in weekly small-group sessions with other dedicated individuals who become a source of support, intellectual stimulation, and professional contacts.

Optional Concentrations

General Adult Concentration

Students in the general adult concentration explore the diagnosis and treatment of problems across the adult lifespan.

Child and Family Concentration

Students choosing the child and family concentration explore the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families within a variety of settings.

"The sense of community and support is the first thing I think of when asked about the PsyD program. I have been able to develop what I feel is a professional "Medaille family," including peers, mentors, past supervisors, and professors. Specifically, developing relationships with my cohort had a significant impact on my personal and professional life, which can be expected, considering you spend five or more years together!"

Colleen Adams, PsyD, '10, '14, '18, Medaille College Adjunct Professor


Year One
Year Two
Year Three


  • PSY 700 Psychometrics (3)
  • PSY 701 Diagnostic Psychopathology (3)
  • PSY 710 Cognitive Assessment (3)
  • PSY 727 Psychology of Life Span Development (3)
  • PSY 705 Professionalization Group (0)


  • PSY 763 Neuropsychological Assessment (3)
  • PSY 720 History and Systems of Psychology (3)
  • PSY 764 Clinical Interviewing (3)
  • PSY 715 Objective Personality Assessment (3)
  • PSY 705 Professionalization Group (0)


  • PSY 731 Cognitive and Affective Processes (3)
  • PSY 765 Integrative Assessment (3)


  • PSY 749 Physiological Psychology (3)
  • PSY 761 Assessment and Treatment of Diverse Populations (3)
  • PSY 751 Proseminar and Practicum (3)
  • PSY 758 Psychodynamic Theories and Therapy (3)


  • PSY 768 Research Methods (3)
  • PSY 770 Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and Treatment (3)
  • PSY 752 Proseminar and Practicum II (3)
  • Elective (3)


  • PSY 735 Professional Ethics and Conduct (3)
  • PSY 782 Family Therapy (3)


  • PSY 769 Statistics (3)
  • PSY 780 Group Therapy (3)
  • PSY 753 Proseminar and Practicum III (3)
  • PSY 787 Social Psychology (3)


  • PSY 794 Clinical Psychopharmacology (3)
  • PSY 754 Proseminar and Practicum IV (3)
  • PSY 851 Clinical Dissertation I (1)
  • Elective (3)


  • Clinical Competency Exam (0)
  • PSY 852 Clinical Dissertation II (1)
Year Four
Year Five


  • PSY 853 Clinical Dissertation III (1)
  • Elective (3)
  • Elective (3)


  • PSY 790 Administration, Consultation and Supervision (3)
  • Elective (3)
  • Elective (3)


  • PSY 900 Clinical Psychology Internship (0)


  • PSY 900 Clinical Psychology Internship (0)


  • PSY 900 Clinical Psychology Internship (0)

Medaille Fits Your Life

At Medaille College, we understand the challenges of being a working adult with high career aspirations. That’s why Medaille’s Adult & Graduate programs are designed specifically to fit your already busy schedule. With Medaille, you can earn your degree and still have time for work and family. Medaille College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

  • Personalized support.
  • Guaranteed classes.
  • Collaborative learning environment.
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available.
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