Doctoral Program of International Affairs and Strategic Studies


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Program Description

Founded in 1983, the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies (GIIASS) focuses on research in international politics, international security, regional affairs, and strategy.At present, we provide both Ph.D. and master programs for domestic and foreign students who are interested in international affairs or strategic studies.

Requirements for a degree in Ph.D. in Political Science - International Affairs and Strategic Studies

Successful completion of 32 credits of courses, including 9 credits of required courses and 23 credits of elective courses. Students have to pass the qualifying examination and publish at least one research paper in any journal listed in TSSCI or SSCI Index. Students are also required to submit a written doctoral dissertation completed under the supervision of a faculty member and pass an Oral Examination.


  • The Theory of International Relations
  • A Disquisition on Strategic Theory
  • Selected Topics on Defense Transformation
  • Seminar on Globalization
  • Communication Theory and Diplomacy Strategy
  • Seminar on National Security Studies
  • Intensive Seminar on the Political Economics
  • Issues on Chinese Military
  • PRC Foreign Relations Seminar
  • Study on Military Innovation
  • Seminar on National Security Studies
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