Doctoral Study Programs (Ph.D.)

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of International Relations take three years and the students are awarded, upon successful completion of the course, the degree of Ph.D. Enrolment is conditional upon passing the entrance examination, in which the applicant must prove his/her proficiency in two world languages, an adequate level of knowledge of his/her line of study and be able to defend the intent of his/her proposed doctoral thesis.

The Faculty of International Relations has enrolled more than 200 doctoral candidates, three-quarters of them are part-time students, and the remaining candidates are interns or government grant-supported students.

Doctoral studies in English are provided at the Faculty of International Relations in the International Economic Relations and Political Science programs that are consisting of the following fields of study:

1. International Economic Relations

This study programme enables the further professional education of university graduated professionals by acquiring of scientific qualification in the sphere of international economic relations. The study extends the knowledge of this broad and dynamically developing branch and develops skills in applying scientific methods in research in this sphere. It educates experts for independent creative work and conceptual approach to solving problems of international economic relations and to applying newly gained knowledge in practice.

2. Commercial and International Economic Law
This branch of doctoral study gives extended knowledge in law disciplines closely related to the issues of international and national business relations. Therefore the key subjects of this branch are Business law, Law of business companies, Community law, International and comparative business law, Securities and Stock-exchange law.

3. International Political Relations
Doctoral study branch of International political relations offers extended knowledge in the branch of international policy. The study is conceived as multidisciplinary, is based on knowledge of world economy, international law and other important aspects of international reality - safety, ecology, culture. Fundamental stress is put on the study of theory and topical issues of international policy, interdisciplinary analyses of global processes.

4. Political Science

Owing to the common economic basis of doctoral study at VŠE the graduate gains combined knowledge of economics and policy, which is one of the key connections for understanding a modern world. The study of political science within doctoral study offers knowledge indispensable both for qualified decisions in institutions of a political system and for effective decision making of firms, for which political interests form a natural environment of their activity. In narrower specialization of doctoral students, the department enables quite a broad range of focus of doctoral thesis – from political science analyses of historical topics and political thinking, comparative study of political systems or political phenomena, to the analysis of phenomena of a modern political process.

Graduates from other universities than the University of Economics, Prague, are encouraged to apply as doctoral candidates at the Faculty of International Relations as well.

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