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Program Description

The Doctorate in Administrative Sciences offers ample possibilities for those who want a program that suits their needs. The student develops and trains in an intense and independent way in the elaboration of his doctoral thesis, seeking that his idea breaks with established schemes and designs solutions that benefit the organizations and the society.

The student fulfills his / her qualification requirements taking advantage of the basic subjects offered, such as research methodology, quantitative and qualitative methods, validation of scales, among others. Also, the student participates semiannually in seminars and in complementary activities, like, optional subjects, participation in congresses, publications and national and international stays. In fact, recently the signing of a "double degree" agreement with the Universidad Politécnica del Cartagena has been achieved, which gives the doctoral student important benefits and acknowledgments at an international level.

All these activities strengthen the development of the student of the Doctorate in Administrative Sciences, in which students from various cities in the region currently participate. Even the students of the program are considerably promoted to mobility activities, such as national and international stays, in countries with existing collaboration agreements: Spain, France and Chile.

The two main areas or lines of knowledge generation and application of the Doctorate in Administrative Sciences are:

  • Administrative Strategies
  • Behavior and Organizational Culture

General objective

To train high level researchers to generate and apply knowledge in the field of administrative sciences, emphasizing in organizational culture and behavior and in administrative strategies, which impacts with innovative contributions in the solution of problems to the organizational development in the national, national scope and international.

Specific :

  • That the student has knowledge of research methodology, in order to develop an orderly and critical thinking and a deepening knowledge frontier, consult data sources and raise awareness of the contributions of authors and own.
  • That the student has knowledge in the contemporary tendencies of the administrative sciences related to the internal and external environment of the organizations, and a deep knowledge of the state of the art in the LGAC of behavior and culture and administrative strategies.
  • That the student has knowledge about quantitative methodologies and qualitative methodologies, in order to carry out the research design in consistency with the objective of the same. That the student has a mastery of the statistical methods as well as the design and validation of instruments, to validate the empirical evidence and to test the corresponding hypothesis.

Egress's profile

Knowledge :

  • To know the main approaches of the methodological research in general and of the Administrative Sciences in particular.
  • To know the main approaches of the Administrative Sciences through the contemporary tendencies of the administration and the theory of the organizations.
  • In qualitative and quantitative methodology applied to the Administrative Sciences.
  • In the statistical methods for the analysis of statistical data, the validation and development of the measurement scales, applied to the Administrative Sciences
  • Theoretical and empirical in the LGAC of the program; Behavior and Organizational Culture and Administrative Strategies, through the complementary activities carried out by the student, guided by his Tutorial Committee.

Skills :

  • Develop skills for the search, analysis and systematization of documentary information.
  • Develop skills to consistently and systematically apply the scientific method in the approach and test of hypotheses and other methodological approaches.
  • Acquire skills for the design of original and innovative research, with reliable information and validity./td>
  • Acquire skills to participate in academic research teams and in interdisciplinary networks aimed at generating up-to-date scientific knowledge and of the highest level in organizational behavior and culture and in administrative strategies.
  • To develop a critical thinking to make an epistemological and methodological debate of the administrative sciences and behavior and organizational culture and in administrative strategies, that allows him to create and to strengthen a pertinent scientific production.

Attitudes and values :

  • Show proactivity to the changes and innovations of the organizations and trends of the administrative sciences in the field of behavior and organizational culture and administrative strategies.
  • To show an attitude of openness towards different epistemological, theoretical and methodological approaches of the administrative sciences.
  • Show assertiveness towards the integration of interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary teams in research in the different phases of development and openness to critical opinion.
  • Demonstrate reliability and responsibility in the use of data sources and dissemination of results in which the contributions of others and their own are recognized.
  • Fair in the balance of the interests of the company and society in general.

Requirements for obtaining the degree

To approve all the subjects of the program, must obligatorily fulfill the optional credits each semester, as well as to have approved the Research Seminars. Previously before starting the 5th. Semester presenting the pre-doctoral exam, which has 3 approved modalities, approved with observations so it has as deadline that same semester to present it, before enrolling in the 6th. Or failing, with which you are discharged from the program.

To present the examination of degree in the times that marks the Regulation. In addition to complying with the provisions of the General Teaching Regulations of the UAA regarding the achievement of the degree.

Have the publication or acceptance in an arbitrated journal of an article or chapter of book product of the thesis in collaboration with the tutor as well as the other members of the Tutorial Committee.

Last updated Mar 2020

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