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Program Description

Description of the course

A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is widely recognized as a prestigious qualification as a professional doctorate in Business and Management. It is considered one of the highest level of qualification available in professional management. Our course combines taught modules in advanced management theory and practice along with training in the necessary methodologies and techniques to carry out doctoral research in Business and Management. The DBA will take typically four years to complete part-time, but with the option to increase the duration of work and life commitments prove challenging to balance with your studies. Once you have successfully completed the programme, you will have the title of 'Doctor'.


The aim of our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is to assist career professionals who wish to enhance, contribute and transform how they work. Our blended, but mostly online, approach aims to assist you to learn as you earn and apply your new knowledge into your professional practice as you proceed through the DBA.


The objective of the programme is to enhance your professional capabilities, credibility, and standing, and you will contribute to practice through action research. In achieving this objective you will also participate in academic research, publishing papers and contributing to the sum of knowledge in your chosen area of research.

Admissions requirements

For entry into the 4 year DBA programme, you will need to have an MBA or an equivalent Master’s degree in a business related subject. Also, you will need at least three years experience in a senior role in your organisation.

EU and International Students

EU and International students whose first language is not English are required to have an appropriate grade/score in an approved examination in English language (such as IELTS) Academic) before they can register on an academic programme. You will need to show that you have achieved I ELTS 7.0 (with no less than 6.0 in any element).

Direct DBA entry to Year 3

To be considered for direct entry into the DBA programme you will need a research degree (for example MSc, MPhil, MRes, PhD). This must be in a business related field.

Students are required to submit a short research outline in an area of research related expertise. Only research outlines that match an available research topic will be considered, and students must indicate the research topic on their research outline. This does not need to be a research proposal, just an outline as to why this research is important and what your the expected outcomes.

It is common for a research proposal to be part of the application. Your research outline should address the following areas:

  • Why do you want to do the DBA? (Explain how the DBA will help you pursue your career objectives)
  • What relevant work experience do you have? (Describe the relevant work and career experience that is relevant to your specific area you wish to research, highlighting the skills and experience gained)
  • Supply a Research Proposal (What do you propose to research – what is the area that you wish to study, and they key research question you want to answer? Is the research question representing the gap or opportunity that you propose to address?)
  • How will you conduct your research? (How will gather your data for the thesis. Outline how you will go about obtaining the data and any potential risks)
  • Contribution (Is there anything new and novel that your research will contribute?)

Who can Apply

You will need an MBA or an equivalent Master’s qualification in a business related discipline. This could be an MA, MSc in an area of business-related professional practice and have at least five years related professional practice experience. You will also need to be employed in the professional capacity that you propose to study. You can also be self-employed. If you are employed, you must have the formal agreement and active co-operation of the organisation where the DBA studies are to take place.

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