Director: Dr. Salvador Rus Rufino

Title: Doctorate in Economics and Government

Face-to-face modality

Price: 5,000 euros * (UIMP rates). Renewal of IUIOG registration for extension request: 250 euros / course.

Duration: 3 years (full time) or 5 years (part time). With the possibility of requesting a maximum of two extensions of one year (full-time) or two years and one more (part-time)

No. of places in the Government Area: 14

Admission application deadline: From April 2 to July 16. The resolution of the Academic Committee will be published on the web throughout the month of October. In the case of not filling the vacancies in said period, a new deadline for submitting applications that would end on January 15 could be opened. The resolution would be published throughout the month of March.

* Prices subject to annual review

The Doctoral Program in Economics and Government aims to train researchers capable of making independent, innovative and significant contributions to scientific knowledge in the field of economics and government.

Students enrolled in the Doctorate in Economics and Government will obtain, upon completing and passing the program, the Doctor's Degree from the Menéndez Pelayo International University in Economics and Government, issued by the Rector of the UIMP.

Presentation and Objectives

This Doctorate is developed in two main areas: Economy Area, which is the responsibility of the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies ( -UIMP, and the Government Area, which is the responsibility of Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset -UIMP.

The Government area includes research related to Social Sciences: Political Science and Administration, Sociology, Demography, Law, International Relations and Cooperation, within the two broad lines of the program: Democracy, government and public administration; and Social and political change in a global world.

The main objective of this Doctoral Program is that all students receive the necessary training and advice to carry out an original research work, related to the areas covered by the program. At all times, the doctoral students will have the supervision of their respective tutors and thesis directors, who will be assigned by the Academic Committee of the program.

Admission profile

1) Candidates for the doctorate of this program must have completed a degree (or bachelor's degree) in areas of Social Sciences such as Economics, Business Administration and Management, Law or Political Science and Sociology. It will also be possible to admit undergraduate (or bachelor) graduates in Mathematics or Science, or in any type of engineering.

2) Second, they must have completed a university master's degree in Economics, for a doctorate in this area, or in Political Science and Public Administration, for a doctorate in the area of ​​Government, oriented to research (at least 60 ECTS credits) , or a degree in these thematic areas, which provides:

  • Knowledge at postgraduate level in the area.
  • Research experience at the Master's Final Project level.
  • Ability to obtain, process and communicate information.
  • Ability to integrate into a research group.
  • Ability to start a Doctoral Thesis.

As merely illustrative and not defining the profile, the related master's degree programs currently taught by the UIMP would meet these requirements: the Master's Degree in Economics and Finance for the area of ​​Economics or the following for the area of ​​Government: Master's Degree in Contemporary Latin America: large Inequalities and expectations, Master in Public High Management, Master in Government and Public Administration, Master in International Cooperation and Management of Public Policies, Development Programs and Projects, and Master in Applied Political Studies.

3) Regarding language , in the area of Government a minimum level of English is not required, but the accreditation of the level of any modern language (English, French, German, etc.) will be favorably assessed, starting at the level equivalent B1 of the Common European Framework of reference ..

4) The use of new information and communication technologies is essential in any of the areas of the program. It is recommended to have medium-advanced knowledge in computer science (word processor, presentations, statistical programs, etc.).

Access Requirements

It is recommended that applicants consult the "Income profile" section and make sure they comply with it, as well as with all the access requirements and specific admission criteria that are detailed below.

In general, for access to an official doctoral program it will be necessary to hold the official Spanish titles of Degree, or equivalent, and Master's Degree, provided that at least 300 ECTS credits have been passed in the group of these two teachings (article 6 of Royal Decree 99/2011 of January 28, which regulates the official teachings of Doctorate).

Also, those who are in any of the following cases may access:

• Be in possession of an official Spanish university degree, or of another member of the European Higher Education Area, which qualifies for access to the Master's Degree in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of October 29 and have passed a minimum of 300 credits in the set of official university studies, of which, at least 60, must be at the Master's level.

• Be in possession of an official Spanish diploma of Graduate or Graduate, whose duration, according to rules of community law, is at least 300 credits. These graduates must take compulsory training complements specific to initiation research, unless the curriculum of the corresponding degree includes training and research credits, equivalents in training value to research credits from Master studies .

• University graduates who, after obtaining a place in training in the corresponding test of access to places of specialized health training, have passed with positive evaluation at least two years of training a program for obtaining the official title of any of the specialties in Health Sciences.

• Be in possession of a degree obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems, without the need for homologation, after verification by the university that it accredits a level of education equivalent to that of the official Spanish Master's Degree and that it authorizes in the issuing country of the degree for access to doctoral studies. This admission will not imply, in any case, the homologation of the previous degree of the one in possession of the interested party nor its recognition for other purposes than that of access to Doctorate studies.

• Be in possession of another Spanish title of Doctor obtained according to previous university ordinances.

• Be in possession of a Diploma of Advanced Studies obtained in accordance with the provisions of RD 778/98, of April 30, or have achieved the Research Proficiency as regulated by RD 185/85, of January 23.

Development of the Studies

Government Area Research Lines

Line 7 - Democracy, government and public administration
- Governance
- Politic science
- Senior Public Management
- Public politics
- Public Ethics
- Political Communication

Line 8 - Social and political change in a global world
- International cooperation
- International Law and International Relations
- Migration policies
- Social policy
- Public security
- Information and knowledge society

Doctor's Follow-up

The Doctoral Tutor

Once admitted to the doctorate program, the corresponding Academic Committee will be responsible for assigning each doctoral student a tutor. It will be a doctor whose research activity is related to one of the collaborating institutions of the UIMP in the Doctoral Program.

The tutor will ensure the correct interaction of the doctoral student with the Academic Committee of the program, providing all the necessary guidance and advice.

Annually, it will issue the evaluation reports on the Activities Document and the Research Plan, delivering them to the Academic Committee of the program within the established deadlines.

The Thesis Director

Within a maximum period of two months from enrollment, the Academic Committee responsible for the program will assign to each doctoral student a thesis supervisor who may or may not coincide with the aforementioned tutor. Said assignment may fall on any Spanish or foreign doctor, with proven research experience, regardless of the university, center or institution in which he provides his services.

The director / s of the doctoral thesis will commit to the supervision and continuous monitoring of the research activity of the doctoral student, being responsible for the coherence and suitability of the training activities and for the doctoral student to show an adequate progression in the achievement of The objectives described in your research plan. The thesis director is committed to guiding the doctoral student, encouraging their initiative with the aim of achieving full autonomy as a researcher.

Annually, the thesis director will issue the assessment / follow-up reports on the Activities Document and the Research Plan, delivering them to the Academic Committee of the program within the established deadlines.


The consultations and procedures related to the calls for scholarships and grants in which the Menéndez Pelayo International University participates should be sent to the e-mail.

  • International Mobility of research personnel in training at the Menéndez Pelayo International University. Short stays.
  • International Mobility of research personnel in training at the Menéndez Pelayo International University. Help for attending Congresses.
  • Aid for Doctoral students of any university in the National Territory, for assistance to transverse doctoral training courses relevant to the development of doctoral theses.
Program taught in:
  • English
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5,000 EUR
(UIMP rates). Renewal of IUIOG registration for extension request: 250 euros / course.
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