Ed.D. in Organization and Leadership


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Program Description

Preparing leaders who serve schools, community and social agencies, government, and non-profit institutions in a regional and international world.

The Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Organization and Leadership is a unique program for working professionals who see themselves as educational leaders transforming their organizations through a learning perspective.

Program Details

The Organization and Leadership (O&L) Doctoral program is comprised of 60 credits of study beyond the master's degree and culminates in the completion of a doctoral dissertation.

Program Delivery

To meet the needs of working professionals, the program follows a schedule of alternate weekend classes that convene nine times a semester (Friday evenings and all day Saturdays).

“The size and structure of the program were appealing to me, a working professional and parent, and I was intrigued by the opportunities that existed to form strong bonds and work closely with my peers and instructors. I can confidently say that my greatest expectations were fulfilled. I had the opportunity to travel abroad, participate in experiential learning, establish close relationships, and work with dedicated and phenomenally talented professors and incredibly motivated scholars.” - Demerris R. Brooks-Immel, O&L Ed.D. Alumna

Learning Outcomes

The Organization and Leadership Program Learning Outcomes:

  • The program brings before students a continuum of new knowledge and understanding that reflects current theories, research, and innovative practices.
  • The program equips students to apply the principles of leadership theory in a broad range of settings to effectively lead individuals and organizations to success.
  • The program equips students to select, implement, and manage appropriate leadership methodologies to meet individual, group, and organizational needs in K-12 through higher education, for-profit, and nonprofit settings.
  • The program equips students to utilize and conduct research to evaluate and improve organizational processes.
  • Create leaders who are able to critically examine organizations in order to promote equitable outcomes.
  • Foster advocacy for social justice with a consciousness around the experiences and challenges facing historically underrepresented groups.
  • Understand and apply research to problems of practice.
  • Develop leaders who are self-reflective of their practice and its implications for social justice and equity.

The Organizational and Leadership Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Graduates will have acquired the knowledge, understanding, tools, and skills necessary to assume leadership roles in organizations at the local, state, national and international levels.
  • Graduates will have an understanding of research methods and demonstrate competencies to engage in rigorous scholarship.
  • Graduates will be able to relate theory to practice and demonstrate synthesis of advanced knowledge by improving organizations.
  • Graduates will have adopted habits of personal and scholarly reflections that examine professional practice and lead to systemic renewal.


Graduates of the O&L doctoral program are educators who work in leadership, management, research, and all levels of teaching in the fields of education, business, health, government, consulting, and profit and non-profit settings.


  • Higher Education Administration
  • University Professor
  • Management Consultant
  • Applied Researcher
  • Principal
  • Superintendent

Financial Resources

Federal financial aid, state, and university resources are available as funding to newly admitted and current USF School of Education students.

In order to offset the cost of graduate education tuition, many School of Education courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening, and/or on alternating weekends. Most students find they can maintain a full-time job while earning their credential, masters or doctoral degree. However, if your program requires you to spend time in a classroom (i.e. student teaching) or to complete a fieldwork or traineeship experience, such commitments will interfere with a normal workday.

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