Executive DBA Remote (Doctorate in Business Administration)


Program Description

To meet the need of PhD students who can not attend face-to-face seminars, the Business Science Institute has set up an e-learning platform enabling PhD students to take Executive DBA courses remotely.

Remote DBA program

The program of the remote DBA is divided into 5 modules:

  • Module 1: Conducting Research
  • Module 2: Thematic Paradigms I
  • Module 3: Thematic Paradigms II
  • Module 4: Qualitative Methodologies
  • Module 5: Quantitative Methodologies

Each module is accompanied:

  • streaming lessons (sequences from 20 minutes to 1 hour)
  • syllabus and readings
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • videos of presentations by professors and discussions with students

Testimonials from doctoral students

Sébastien Bourbon, PhD Executive DBA

Testimonials from the Executive DBA PhD students: https://www.business-science-institute.com/temoignages/

Registration details

The Executive DBA at distance is open to all managers. You must nevertheless obtain the approval of the Scientific Committee of the Executive DBA. This approval is based on your file and on a remote interview.

After the review of your profile, the scientist will issue a favorable or unfavorable opinion. It is only an opinion and not an admission decision. This first contact aims to avoid the unnecessary constitution of a registration file that has no chance of success.

To begin the registration process, please contact us.

French language

Fees: The Distance DBA Program (French) costs € 22,433

Our next comeback for face-to-face programs are:

  • DBA Geneva, Switzerland: https://www.business-science-institute.com/executive-dba/regroupement/geneve-suisse/
  • DBA Paris, France: https://www.business-science-institute.com/executive-dba/regroupement/paris-france/
  • DBA Algiers, Algeria: https://www.business-science-institute.com/executive-dba/regroupement/alger-algerie/
  • DBA Dakar, Senegal: https://www.business-science-institute.com/executive-dba/regroupement/dakar-senegal/
  • DBA Tunis, Tunisia: https://www.business-science-institute.com/executive-dba/regroupement/tunis-tunisie/
  • DBA Douala, Cameroon: https://www.business-science-institute.com/executive-dba/regroupement/douala-cameroun/
Last updated August 2019

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