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Program Description

Antwerp Management School’s Executive Ph.D. program is a top-tier support program for ambitious executives and C-level managers who want to bring the most advanced knowledge and outstanding research skill into the workplace and society.

Participants will acquire new methodologies and mindset with which they will approach actual business issues they are confronted with within their organizations or in society. Thus, the program has a considerable impact on the professional development of participants.

To flourish in today’s complicated, globally competitive business environment, organizations require leaders who seize interdisciplinary knowledge, the ability to think in global terms, and the vision to design systems that respond to swiftly changing tendencies.

Antwerp Management School offers an Executive Ph.D. Program to help executives develop competencies to apply relevant knowledge and research skill to contemporary business issues.

The Executive Ph.D. program also focuses on the life-long learning ambitions of intellectually active professionals who already possess excellent degrees in their fields but who still wish to build on their education to get to the top tier.

Why follow this program at Antwerp Management School?

Attending this program should be the apex of the participant's personal and professional development. Over a 4-year period, you will gain the necessary capabilities to successfully boost your career, both in Academia and Industry. In this respect you will:

  • Acquire the latest theories and practical insights in your favored management domain and learn the skills of advancing knowledge through methodologically robust applied research methods.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to develop original contributions to existing knowledge.
  • Learn the competencies necessary to transfer knowledge in both business and academic environments, in written and oral form.
  • Gain broad insights into your specialization through membership and co-operation within Antwerp Management School Competence Centers.
  • Be part of a top-ranked international school.

The Executive Ph.D.’s purpose is to up the practice and development of effective organizational leadership by providing senior-level executives with:

  • Wisdom and expertise, necessary to identify, grasp, and successfully tackle the interdisciplinary, big-picture issues that characterize global business management today.
  • Skills informal social inquiry required to define and direct complex issues and to disseminate know-how related to their profession through various means of expression to influence both practical and public policies.
  • An interdisciplinary, globally-oriented point-of-view, unavailable in traditional advanced forms of education.
  • Evidenced management skills and understanding that will spur new solution-oriented thinking in both organizations and society.
  • A unique learning opportunity that combines the latest academic knowledge with practical relevance.
  • The possibility to strengthen their critical thinking, enhance their skills to underpin, defend, and implement new ideas, and improve solution-oriented assessment.

What can you expect?

Content level: Advanced Expertise

After attending this program


  • Will know how to generate, interpret, and transfer acquired academic knowledge to your professional and academic network.
  • Can continue researching in one of our Competence Centers or teach at Antwerp Management School.
  • Will comprehend research tools and methods and will be able to apply them to practical business challenges on your own.
  • Will have academic, publishing, and case writing experience and knowledge.
  • Will obtain a Ph.D. from the University of Antwerp, which is a premium ranked and accredited university.

Your company

  • Will benefit from the visions and experiences you bring to the table as a Ph.D. candidate.
  • Benefits from your ability to translate and apply newly developed and up-to-date knowledge to the specific context of your sector or business.
  • Has the opportunity to capitalize on your enhanced business and leadership skills which allow future company objectives and strategies to be met.


  • Can benefit from your field expertise to change and improve your setting.
  • As part of a community of global leaders, you will help tackle pressing challenges that society face.
  • As an opinion leader, you will have a favorable impact on the world you live in and work in.


  • The four-year part-time program starts in October.
  • Stage 1 consists of five on-campus modules spread over an 18 month period.
  • Stage 2 comprises 6 on-campus modules over the course of 30 months.


The program tuition fee for the 2020 – 2024 Ph.D. cohort is € 63.100 (VAT exempt):

  • Year 1 + 2: € 37.100
  • Year 3 + 4: € 26.000

(Additional year: € 7.000)


Antwerp Management School
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We only accept participants to the Executive Ph.D. Program with intrinsic motivation and willingness to contribute to academic research and to become the next generation, business leaders. Candidates must hold an MBA or Master’s degree from an accredited academic institution, have at least 8 years of professional experience in the field of management, and demonstrate academic and professional progression.

The program is taught in English. Excellent oral and written knowledge of English is therefore required. Applicants whose native language is not English might be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).


After successfully defending your Ph.D. dissertation (after 4 years), you will be awarded a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) issued by the University of Antwerp.

Last updated Sep 2020

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