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Universities called "statutory universities" have been approved by the Chief Executive-in-Council of Hong Kong and are funded by the University Grants Committee. An exception to this is the Open University of Hong Kong, which is a self-financing school and does not rely on the UGC for funding. Statutory universities are research-intensive and accept only the best students. In fact, the average I.Q. of Chinese students attending Hong Kong higher education institututions is one of the highest in the world.

Post secondary colleges offer bachelor and master's degrees and are registered under an ordinance called the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance of Hong Kong. International students will also find vocational-type colleges like the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education that are operated by a council separate from the councils governing statutory and post secondary colleges.

University tuition varies among institutions but students can expect to pay approximately $100,000 in U.S. dollars, or 73,000 euros to earn a degree in Hong Kong. Students are strongly urged to apply for any scholarships available to help offset the high cost of tuition. Be aware that student medical insurance premiums are also expensive, as well as the cost of food, clothing and accommodations in Hong Kong.

Applying for a Student Visa

Expect to wait at least two months before receiving your student visa from the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Students will need to fill out a visa/entry application form and mail the following documents along with the form: copy of driver's license or other photo identification card; proof of educational qualifications (high school diploma, entrance scores, any previous degrees earned); one passport photograph; letter of admission from a Hong Kong university; proof of financial standing (scholarship awards, bank statements) and proof that the student has a place to stay while in Hong Kong, whether it is on campus, with a host family or in an apartment.

Why Study In Hong Kong?

Besides offering structurally and academically superior degree programs that are run by what many consider to be one of the world's top education ministries, Hong Kong bestows degrees that are highly valued and recognized by employers and research institutes in all areas of the globe. In addition, the intellectually open society in Hong Kong facilitates opportunities for students to explore other academic subjects and levels of thought not found anywhere else.

Universities in Hong Kong

Universities in Hong Kong

Facts about Hong Kong

Spoken Languages: Cantonese Chinese and English
Government: Special Administrative Region of the Peoples's Republic of China
Population: 7,061,200
Gross Domestic Product: $351.119 billion
Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
Time zone: (UTC+8)