Interinstitutional doctorate in psychology


Program Description

The Public Universities of the Center-West Region of ANUIES, agreed to promote the creation of the Interinstitutional Doctorate in Psychology, a quality program whose main purpose is to meet the specific needs of the region, through the training of researchers of the highest level in a framework of flexibility, following the policies of the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES) and complying with the quality indicators indicated by the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) through the National Program of Postgraduate Quality (PNPC).

The DIP is an inter-institutional postgraduate program that has the advantage of combining the human and material resources that each of the Institutions possess separately, to integrate a teachers' plant that has all the material resources, sufficient infrastructure and equipment, for the full development of training and research activities at the regional level, thus constituting an alternative for training high-level personnel, optimizing available material and human resources.

The doctorate is addressed to graduates in Psychology, who have a Masters in Psychology or a related discipline: Sociology, Education Sciences, Anthropology, Social Work, Communication Sciences, Health Sciences, Philosophy.

General objective

To train human resources with a high academic level, able to carry out original scientific research, to apply the knowledge and to carry out teaching activities of quality in the bachelor's and postgraduate, in order to promote the development of the science of Psychology.

Specific objectives

  • To train researchers who develop research proposals at the regional, national and international level that enrich knowledge in the science of Psychology.
  • To train highly competitive academic cadres for the strengthening of teaching in the educational programs of Psychology.
  • To train researchers with mastery of various epistemological models and their differential approach for the solution of regional and national problems in order to achieve increasingly relevant answers, seeking to generate new knowledge.
  • Develop the capacity to critically evaluate the epistemological, methodological and technical-instrumental relevance of the projects and the chosen line of research.

Graduate Profile

The DIP graduate will have the necessary knowledge to:

  • To develop research works, original and quality.
  • Provide solutions to specific cases related to research problems in the area of ​​Psychology.
  • Master the specialized and border knowledge related to your training line in the Doctorate program.

The PhD student will have the skills to:

  • Exercise leadership with research groups.
  • Apply the methodology of the research to the problematic of the disciplinary area.
  • Organize, advise and impart courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level related to your training line.
  • Present and discuss their research work with specialists and disseminate it to broad social sectors.
  • To manage to the corresponding organisms at regional, national and international levels to obtain financing of research projects.

The graduate will have attitudes and values ​​to:

  • Act for the benefit of the global social environment by applying the knowledge and skills acquired.
  • Participate with teams of work in projects of the discipline or multidisciplinary character.
  • Carry out their activities in accordance with professional ethics.

Lines of investigation

The DIP, currently considers three lines of knowledge generation and / or application:

  • Educational psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Health Psychology
Last updated Mar 2020

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