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Ph.D. (Business Administration)

Hatyai University

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)

Ph.D. (Business Administration)

The Ph.D. Program in Business Administration is founded upon the idea that business administration is an important factor in driving and developing an organization to accomplish its objectives efficiently and effectively. Thus, we need to produce scholars, executives and consultants professionalized in business administration who are knowledgeable, have the ability to analytically think, maintain and uphold ethics in the profession, as well as personal morality, and proficient in administrating the business to achieve the ultimate goal. Additionally, students can create research-based knowledge in business administration and continually contribute to the development of an organization, the community, society and the country.


Objectives of Program

  1. To produce Ph.D. graduates excelling in business administrative both of theories and advanced research and learning adaptability.
  2. To create opportunities and develop knowledge for scholars, executives and consultants in the business administration field, in order to respond to the demands of personnel in developing an organization, the community, society and the country.
  3. To produce Ph.D. graduates upholding ethics in business administration and working effectively to accomplish organization goals.

Modes of Study

The Ph.D. program provides two modes of study for students as follows:

  1. Plan 1: Dissertation mode (research-based): not less than 48 credits
  2. Plan 2: Coursework mode: not less than 60 credits (including 18 credits of compulsory courses, 6 credits of elective courses and 36 credits of dissertation)

Instructional Date

Saturdays & Sundays

Study Courses

(1) Foundation Courses

  • 908-100 English for Doctoral Degree
  • 908-101 Fundamental Statistics for Research
  • 908-102 Preparing for Doctoral Degree

Note: Exemption from the Foundation courses will be approved by the PhD Program Committee.

(2) Compulsory Courses

  • 908-201 Philosophy and Qualitative Research
  • 908-202 Advanced Research Methodology for Business Administration
  • 908-203 Advanced Statistics for Quantitative Research
  • 908-204 Seminar in Modern Business Administration
  • 908-205 Seminar in Corporate Financial Management
  • 908-206 Seminar in Business Strategic Management

(3) Elective Courses (two courses are chosen from the following list)

  • 908-207 Seminar in Virtue, Ethics and Leadership for Business Administration
  • 908-208 Seminar in Global Marketing Management
  • 908-209 Seminar in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • 908-210 Seminar in Information Technology Strategy and Management
  • 908-211 Seminar in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 908-212 Seminar in Integrated Human Resource Management

(4) Dissertation

  • 908-701 Dissertation (48 Credits) (Plan 1)
  • 908-702 Dissertation (36 Credits) (Plan 2)

Qualification of Candidates

  • Candidates must hold a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or relevant fields depending on the Graduate Studies Committee of Hatyai University’s judgment.
  • Candidates must submit the results of an English proficiency test that complies with the University requirements.
  • Candidates must have the potential and readiness to study in the doctoral degree program.
  • Candidates must have not been convicted of any felony.
  • Candidates must not have contagious diseases i.e., tuberculosis or other chronic diseases i.e., alcoholism or be addicted to drugs. Candidates must submit a medical certificate issued by a certified doctor for admissions.

Expenses of the Program

The total expense of the program is approximately Baht 540,000 consisting of the following:

  • Tuition fee and other fees will be paid in a lump sum per semester: Baht 75,000 for each semester from the first to the fifth semester and Baht 95,000 for the sixth semester.
  • The cost of overseas education trip will be collected in a lump sum for two summer semesters: Baht 35,000 per semester.

Admissions Requirements

  1. A copy of graduation certificate and the original must be presented: Master’s Degree or equivalent.
  2. A copy of academic transcript and the original must be presented: Master’s Degree program or equivalent.
  3. A copy of TOEFL, IELTS or other equivalent English proficiency test scores (not over 2 years) (If available)
  4. A letter of recommendation.
  5. A medical certificate issued by a certified doctor.
  6. A copy of citizen identification card or passport.
  7. A copy of resident registration (Thai applicants).
  8. Two one-inch size photographs.
  9. Application fee (Baht 500).
  10. A research conceptual framework paper, 10 pages (A4).

Admissions Procedure

  1. Written examination: The scopes of the exam include research methodology, business administration and English
  2. Admissions interview

Admissions Date

The date of admission will be announced online at

Admissions Results Announcement

Admissions results will be announced online at

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