We’re launching our NEW doctorate course (Ph.D.) as from the registration deadline 31th July 2019.

Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland conducts the doctorate course that covers 6 semesters in a close partnership with Polish state universities. The languages of learning and thesis defending are English and German, and the course involves a 3 days seminar in Poland and 1 seminar during each semester held by ANOBS in Vienna.

The total cost of the 6 semesters doctoral course, assessment and graduation make up 37.000 euros of which the first 30 applicants are granted a 20 percent allowance by ANOBS.

Informative material on our doctoral course and degree

For all those enquirers who have achieved their MSc degrees and are interested in applying for a newly established doctorate course that is valued and approved all over the world, in order to become Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) starting from the registration deadline: 31th July 2019,

Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland implements its doctorate school in cooperation with state universities in Poland.

Entry requirements and the data necessary:

  • professional CV
  • personal data and copies of personal documents
  • a brief description of the MSc degree approved by the government
  • (starting from the beginning of the studies)
  • copy of the MSc diploma
  • description of postgraduate education and a copy of diploma in case there have been any
  • work experience ( involving training)
  • attendance at conventions ( either a listener or a presenter)
  • stipends for academic excellence
  • taking part in research projects
  • list of publications if there have been any
  • a short sketch of the doctoral dissertation (draft on the concept of thesis)

Duration and requirements of the course:

  • the doctoral course covers 6 semesters;
  • the instructors that support and assess the learner are a Polish teacher and one from a foreign country based on the learner’s choice;
  • the languages of learning and thesis defending are English and German
  • presentation of the concept of the whole thesis at the beginning of the course during a 3 days seminar held by the cooperating state university in Poland;
  • attending one seminar during each semester held by ANOBS in Vienna;
  • doctoral assessment has to take place at the cooperating university in Poland - after two – one from ANOBS and one external – assessors have judged the dissertation presented positively;
  • languages of defending the thesis viva voce can be chosen from Polish, English and German;
  • resolutions are made at the Dean level at the Polish university.

Requirements for the doctoral dissertation:

  • name of the dissertation;
  • description of the research area of the dissertation;
  • what is the dissertation work aimed at (it’s not obligatory to choose the topic and area of the previous MSc thesis, learner may find others for their doctoral thesis.);
  • description of fundamental questions (problems) and hypotheses;
  • presenting a work plan (structure of the thesis’ construction);
  • all time extension obligatory (150 pages );
  • in case the thesis is written either in English, German or Hungarian, it has to be translated into Polish for being submitted.

Fees, expenses:

The total cost of the 6 semesters doctoral course, assessment and graduation make up 22.000 EUR.

Methods of payment:

In case of any questions emerging in connection with the doctoral course and obtaining diploma, we are at the service of enquirers and candidates: E-mail.: info@nobeluniv.com

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