Ph.D. Program in Management Science and Economic Decision

Shenzhen University

Program Description

Ph.D. Program in Management Science and Economic Decision

Shenzhen University

Doctoral Program in College of Management

Overview of the Program

Shenzhen, situated immediately north of Hong Kong, is one of the first-tier cities in China. Shenzhen was dubbed as China's Silicon Valley due to its high concentration of technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

Shenzhen University (SZU), as one of the most popular universities in China, is now accelerating its pace toward establishing a research-intensive university. It has been at the forefront of many academic reforms and has been pursuing excellence in teaching as well as research programs for doctoral degrees. International students are especially welcome to apply for doctoral studies at Shenzhen University.

The Ph.D. Program in Management Science and Economic Decision at the College of Management aims at providing society with highly qualified professionals who are capable of pursuing advanced research or taking leadership positions in economic and managerial areas involving complex decisions. Students learn through rigorous curriculum study and participation in real-world research endeavors featured by regional and national research projects.

The program has three concentrations: Decision Optimization and Market Behavior, Environmental Economics and Resource Management, and Human Resource Management, each represented by a team of faculty researchers.

Now the program is open to international students who may apply and enjoy similar benefits in terms of financial support (e.g. scholarship and assistantship offered by the university).

2. Brief Introduction of Doctoral Supervisors

Prof. Ming Zhou

Dr. Ming Zhou is a professor in Operations Management. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Ph.D. in Systems & Industrial Engineering. He was a department chair and tenured professor at the Indiana State University and served as the Director of the Center for Systems Modeling and Simulation at ISU. Dr. Zhou has authorized more than 60 academic publications and received the Best Paper Awards from IIE Transactions and IJIE. He has also been the recipients and PI for numerous research grants, including Kellogg Foundation, Lilly Foundation, NSF (USA), and NSFC (China). His current research focuses on the modeling and analysis of green products and green logistics/supply chain systems.

Prof. Li Li

Prof. Li Li is the former associate dean of College of Management, now serves as college party secretary. She is also a key discipline academic leader in Management Science and Engineering. She is the member of the Operations Research Society of China, the member of Systems Engineering Society in Guangdong Province, the Vice President of Project Management Institute in Guangdong Province, the Vice President of Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association, Shenzhen soft science experts. Presently, she is the consultant or director in the supervising committee of many companies in Shenzhen, such as Kingdee, Ufida, Shenzhen Display, Arts and Furnishing Build, etc. Over these years she has been committed to the scientific research field related to decision-making optimization, project management, and entrepreneur & innovation teaching and researching. Up till now, she has been published over 70 articles (including 46 paper of SCI, SSCI), with 4 books and 2 textbooks. At the same time, she supervised 8 national projects and more than 30 ministerial, enterprise horizontal topics. Moreover, her supervising team was rewarded the first prize in the Science Evolution for twice and she received the second teaching achievement rewards at the provincial level.

Prof. Qingyu Zhang

Dr. Qingyu Zhang is a Professor of Operations Management/Management Science and Director of Research Institute of Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management at Shenzhen University. Prior to this, he was on the tenured faculty at ASU in the United States for more than 10 years. He earned his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, B.A. in Economics, M.E. in Management Engineering from Tsinghua University and Ph.D. in Manufacturing Management and Engineering from the University of Toledo. He is an APICS certified fellow (CFPIM) and Microsoft certified MCSD, MCSE, and MCDBA. He has published in EJOR, IJPR, IJPE, Journal of Operations Management, Computer & Operations Research, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Applied Soft Computing. He received 2016 Journal of Operations Management Jack Meredith Best Paper Award for his article with the highest citations in the journal for the past five years of 2011-2015 from Google Scholar and Web of Science. His research interests include supply chain management, flexibility, sustainability, data mining, and swarm intelligence. He serves on six editorial boards such as Journal of Operations Management and Transportation Research Part E.

Prof. Zhimin Zhou

Zhimin Zhou is a Professor of Marketing and the Associate Dean of College of Management at Shenzhen University. He received his B.S. in Economics at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China, and Ph.D. in Marketing at Sun Yat-sen University, China. His research focuses on brand relationships, brand community, and brand well-being. He hosted two research projects financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 50 pieces of paper in Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (SSCI), Journal of Business Research (SSCI), Cyber-psychology, Behavior, and Social Networking (SSCI), and some leading Chinese journals.

Prof. Xudong Lin

Xudong Lin is a professor of information systems and electronic commerce in the School of Management at Shenzhen University. He received his B.S. in engineering, M.S. in engineering and Ph.D. in management science & engineering from Central South University, China. His current research focuses on service management, digital right management, pricing of information goods and marketing aspects of electronic markets and digital economy. He is especially interested in how Internet-enabled digitalization of product transforms consumer shopping behavior and firm strategy into electronic markets. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in academic journals, including Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (Chinese), Mathematical Problems in Engineering (SCI/SSCI), Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (SCI/SSCI), Journal of Systems Management (Chinese), China Industrial Economy (Chinese), Journal of Intelligence.

Prof. Ben Niu

Ben Niu is a Zhujiang Scholarship Professor and Head of Department of Management Science, Shenzhen University, China. Currently, He is also a Research Fellow at Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. Dr. Niu had experiences of visiting at Victoria University of Wellington as visiting scholar in 2013, and at the Hong Kong University as Research Assistant in 2011. During 2013 to 2016 he had been working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In the recent 5 years, he was awarded several honors, including ‘ Hong Kong Scholar’ , ‘Zhujiang Scholar of Guangdong Province’, ’Thousand Hundred Ten Talents of Guangdong Province’, Top Youth Talent of Guangdong Province‘, ‘Overseas High-Caliber Personnel of Shenzhen’, and ‘High-Level Professional in Shenzhen’. As a principal investigator, he supervised 5 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 projects from Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation. He has published more than 150 papers in the international Journals and international conferences, among which 40 are in refereed international journal, including IEEE/ACM Transactions, AMC, COR, NC, et al. His main fields of research are Intelligent Optimization, Operation Research and their applications on Financial Engineering, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Optimization, and Resource Optimization.

3. How to Apply

Type and Duration of the Program

  1. Type of the program: full-time
  2. Duration of the program: Three years (a maximum of five years with advisor approval). International students registered in the program should take courses and conduct research at Shenzhen University no less than a year and a half.

General Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants must be citizens with a valid foreign passport (whose nationalities are not People’s Republic of China). He/She should be in good health conditions and of good conduct. He/She must also abide by the Chinese laws, regulations and the rules of the university.
  2. Applicants must hold a master’ degree and are usually aged under 40.
  3. It is a necessity for applicants to meet the admission requirements of the applied areas in terms of academic achievement, research ability, and language proficiency. Applicants should be proficient in Chinese or English and are required to use either of them to communicate, take courses, do research and write a thesis.

Application Period

Applicants can email application materials to the Office of Graduate affairs of College of Management, Shenzhen University.

Supporting Documents

  1. Completed online application form. The form is provided at the end of this file. Please complete it and stick an ID photo on it.
  2. Transcripts for postgraduate diploma, master degree certificate
  • For certificates in neither Chinese or English, applicants need to provide officially translated transcripts in Chinese or English;
  • Graduating students must provide a certificate of expected graduation date or certificate of study. Transcripts for postgraduate diploma, master degree certificate need to be submitted after enrollment in order to get admission notice.

3. Transcripts or translation for score sheet of all the courses taken for master degree.

  • Applicants need to provide officially translated score sheet if it is in neither Chinese nor English.

4. Two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors (or from persons of equivalent positions). Letters of recommendation must be written in Chinese or English.

5. A copy of passport. The passport must be a valid ordinary passport for private affairs

6. Personal statement in Chinese or English of about 1,500 words, including the area of study and the targeted supervisor, study or working experience and academic research achievement, etc.

7. An ID photo, the same as the passport photo.

  • Applications lack any above materials will be disqualified. Application materials will not be returned, no matter applicants are admitted or not.

4. Tuitions, Fellowships, and Grants


34,000 RMB per person per year.

Fellowships and Grants

International students for doctoral programs are awarded similar fellowships as other doctoral candidates, including:

  1. Fellowships. The same amount of covering the tuitions. Students must hand in application forms and are awarded fellowships after their supervisor’s evaluation.
  2. Government scholarships and university grants. Shenzhen University assists international doctoral candidates to apply for scholarships from national and local governments. Students should hand in their applications first if they are qualified for the scholarships. Those who do not get government scholarships, or with government scholarships lower than 10,000 RMB a year, are awarded university grants of 40,000 RMB a year. Students with government scholarships between 10,000 and 50,000 RMB a year are awarded university grants, which, plus the government scholarships, are no less than 50, 000 RMB per year.
  3. Research allowances from supervisors. Supervisors offer their international students for doctoral programs research allowances of no less than 12,000 RMB per year, for research and academic exchanges.
  4. Other scholarships. Students can apply for other scholarships of the university, including academic scholarships, scholarships for research innovation and donated scholarships, etc.
    • A student can get more than a fellowship and scholarship if he/she is qualified.
    • Students can have preferential treatment such as scholarships, grants and low accommodation fees for the first extended year of study. Such preferential treatment is not available from the second extended year of study.

Accommodation and Medical Insurance

International students of doctoral programs are offered the same accommodation and medical insurance as other doctoral candidates. The accommodation is arranged by the university (a single room for one student). Accommodation fee is 1,500 RMB per year, the same as other doctoral candidates. Medical insurance is covered by College of International Exchange.

Note: The policies of tuitions, fellowships, grants, accommodation and medical insurance may change each year. Please check our latest version of the policies.

5. The Application Process

Generally, the application process may take up to 4 months or more, depending on the completeness of the application, consideration, evaluation, and approval by the respective Schools/Board of Graduate Studies.

The selection of international students for doctoral programs in Shenzhen University follows an application-verification system.

The specific procedures are as follows:

  1. Verification of qualifications. College of International Exchange, Shenzhen University is responsible for the verification of applicants’ qualifications. Qualified Applications are then passed to schools of the applied doctoral programs.
  2. Evaluation from supervisors. Relevant schools ask supervisors to evaluate the applications. Comments on evaluation and preliminary admissions are given by supervisors.
  3. Evaluation of the submitted materials. Schools evaluate application materials of the candidates for admissions, including universities, majors of their previous education, research ability, morality and research potential in the applied areas. Candidates are then selected to attend the reexamination.
  4. Reexamination. Schools of the doctoral programs examine candidates’ research ability and language proficiency (face-to-face interview or distant assessment), including the statement on academic research experience and achievement, views on applied areas of study, plans for study and research. Name lists for admission are made according to the reexamination scores and are submitted to Graduate School.
  5. Formal admission. After verification, Graduate School submits the name lists for admission to the university authority. According to the final result approved by the university, the admission office of College of International Exchange sends out documents including admission notices and visa application forms to the candidates at the end of June.
  6. Registration. International students for doctoral programs register at the beginning of September. Dates of registration are printed on the admission notice. Students must register on time at College of International Exchange, Shenzhen University. Please contact the admission office of College of International Exchange for more information.
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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