Ph.D. in Communication and Media Science


Program Description

Ph.D. in Communication and Media Science

Duration of training in semesters: 8 academic semesters

Number of credits to be achieved in the frame of the program: 240 ECTS

Communication allows individuals and organizations to conceive, recognize and comprehend their own sociocultural environment. The sociocultural environment of human social-cultural existence consists in patterns in the utilization of symbols. Our program in English combines theories, methods, and paradigms of sociology, communication and media studies, cultural studies, social psychology, and historical social sciences. We put emphasis and strongly encourage critical, global and interdisciplinary works; thereby the School is planned to be part of the international network of knowledge production.

Of particular interest to our approach are production and use of signs, historically conditioned patterns of social action, prejudices and stereotypes, symbols and related cultic / ritual activities, media and the social praxes generated by them, aesthetic and artistic creativity and reception, the production and consumption of scholarly-scientific knowledge, as well as critical work on political and economic power/knowledge. We offer training—through coursework and individual consultation—in methodologically precise, theoretically poignant research.

Last updated February 2018

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