Ph.D. in Human Capital Development


Program Description

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development offers the Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development. The Human Capital Development doctoral program focuses on human capital development through the transfer of research to practice. By developing critical research competencies, professionals are positioned to ask the right questions and help organization leaders make critical decisions about human capital investments. By applying research in the workplace, professionals improve their capacity for driving an organization's human capital strategy. The Gulf Coast program draws on real-world experience and encourages professionals to engage in research and practice means to their organization. The executive format combines 3-to-5 day, face-to-face courses with online instruction. Faculty and industry experts facilitate a think-tank learning environment where creativity flourishes and students engage with the best minds in human capital development.

Why you should choose Human Capital Development

The mission of the Department of Human Capital Development is to prepare graduates to improve performance in organizations through the talents of employees. The department is respected internationally as a leading HCD program as evidenced by the quality of graduates and faculty research.

What Will I Learn?

  • Change Leadership
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Organizational Culture
  • Performance Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workforce Development

Program Requirements and Academic Policies

  1. A minimum of fifty-four (54) graduate hours beyond the master's degree with a 3.0 is required to graduate.
  2. Students must meet the general requirements set forth by the Graduate School of The University of Southern Mississippi.
  3. Additional requirements include the satisfactory completion of a written comprehensive examination, and the satisfactory completion and oral defense of an original research dissertation.
  4. Coursework for the Human Capital Development Ph.D. program includes the completion of a General Core (12 semester hours), Research Core (27 semesters hours), and Electives (15 semester hours).
  5. Please refer to the Doctoral Degree Requirements section of the Bulletin.

Course Requirements (54 hours)

HCD Core Courses (12 hours)

  • HCD 640 - Workforce Development Models 3 hours
  • HCD 660 - Foundations of Human Capital Development 3 hours
  • HCD 715 - Change Leadership in Human Capital Development 3 hours
  • HCD 725 - Advanced Workforce Analysis 3 hours
  • ITD 709 - Leadership in Instructional Technology 3 hours

Electives (15 hours)

*choose five courses from the list

  • HCD 643 - Design & Development for Performance Improvement 3 hours
  • HCD 665 - Human Capital Development Project Management 3 hours
  • HCD 675 - Research in Human Capital Development 3 hours
  • HCD 680 - Human Capital Development Seminar 1-6 hours
  • HCD 692 - Topics in Human Capital Development 1-6 hours
  • HCD 695 - Emerging Technologies for Human Capital Development 3 hours
  • HCD 720 - Competency Models 3 hours
  • HCD 792 - Special Problems 1-6 hours
  • ITD 645 - Technology in Education 3 hours
  • ITD 648 - Digital Communications in Education 3 hours
  • ITD 650 - Instructional Strategies of Online Teaching 3 hours
  • ITD 720 - Instructional Design Principles and Theories 3 hours
  • ITD 740 - Interactive Instructional Media 3 hours
  • ITD 755 - Web Development and Assessment 3 hours
  • ITD 780 - Seminar in Instructional Technology 3 hours
  • ITD 832 - Evaluation and Assessment of Instructional Design 3 hours
  • ITD 852 - Diffusion and Adoption of Technology Innovations 3 hours
  • ITD 860 - Emerging Technology in Instructional Technology 3 hours

Research Core (27 hours)

  • HCD 635 - Statistics for Human Capital Development 3 hours
  • HCD 745 - Quantitative Research Methodologies 3 hours
  • HCD 750 - Qualitative Research Methodologies 3 hours
  • HCD 755 - Survey, Design, and Administration 3 hours
  • HCD 760 - Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting of Research Results 3 hours
  • HCD 891 - Research in Human Capital Development 1-6 hours
  • ITD 898 - Dissertation 1-9 hours (for a total of 9 hours)

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Admission Requirements and Procedures, the minimum standards for regular admission are as follows:

  1. The application must present evidence, by an official transcript, of a grade point average of at least 3.5 (calculated on a 4.0 scale) on previous graduate coursework to Southern Miss.
  2. The applicant must have competitive official GRE, GMAT, Praxis, MCAT or LSAT scores (all sections) (<10 years old) submitted to Southern Miss. The applicant may be granted a waiver for standardized test scores if he or she can provide evidence of five or more years of relevant and progressive work experience, military experience, or distinguished performance/awards. Students whose native language is not English must meet the university's minimum requirements of TOEFL or IELTS score.
  3. The applicant must submit a current resume or curriculum vitae (CV) via the online application.
  4. The applicant must have at least three letters of recommendation submitted from persons (e.g. direct supervisors or academic faculty members) who are qualified to assess the applicant's readiness for graduate work.
  5. The applicant must submit a Statement of Qualification (SOQ) specifying areas of interest and career goals. The statement should address the following: reasons this graduate program was chosen, how the applicant plans to relate the specialty area to his or her education and experience, expected career benefits from this program, and any other matters that should be taken into consideration. The SOQ should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced.

Last updated Jul 2020

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