Ph.D. in Mathematics


Program Description

Program objectives

The study program offers a great deal of openness and flexibility, as students can actively shape their individual educational path according to their own interests and career orientations, with emphasis on theoretical, applied or computer-oriented mathematical knowledge received. With the support of mentors, each student gradually builds the necessary set of knowledge and research experience to independently manage highly demanding practical problems in their field of study. An important feature of the doctoral study program in Mathematics is its international comparability, openness, and flexibility: through the involvement of students in various scientific research and applied projects taking place at the faculty.

The main goals of the program are for students to gain:
  • In-depth knowledge of mathematics and an idea of ​​the breadth, role, meaning, and interdisciplinarity of this science;
  • Knowledge of modern methods and techniques in the field of mathematics and the ability to actively use these methods and techniques to follow the development trends of the profession;
  • Ability for independent internationally competitive research work and independent development of a given subject area and its effective teaching;
  • The necessary organizational and professional knowledge of development and research, both in the field of mathematics, its application and in mathematical education.



Before enrolling in the doctoral study, the student selects a potential mentor. A mentor in the preparation of a doctoral dissertation is a person who holds the title of higher education teacher (assistant professor, associate professor, full professor) or scientist (research associate, senior research associate, scientific advisor) and demonstrates research activity in the field of doctoral dissertation. Together with the mentor, the student forms a study curriculum and actively mentors the student through doctoral studies through individual research work and research seminars.

Enrollment conditions

Candidates who have completed their studies in one of the following study programs may enroll in the postgraduate doctoral study program in Mathematics:

  • Master’s degree;
  • University study program completed no later than 11/06/2004;
  • A professional higher education study program completed no later than 11/06/2004 and a study program for obtaining a specialization, whereby candidates are individually assigned additional studies of 45 ECTS before enrolling in a given study program at the proposal of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science; these are exams in the narrow fields of mathematical analysis, algebra, discrete mathematics, geometry, topology, probability, and statistics.
  • A study program for professions covered by EU directives, or another uniform master's degree program, awarded with 300 ECTS credits.
  • For successful study under this program, a university degree in mathematics or science is recommended.
Last updated Mar 2020

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