Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry


Program Description

Faculty of Chemical Technology

  • Study Field: Physical Chemistry

Study Program: Physical Chemistry

  • Level of qualification: Doctoral
  • Form of study: Part-time/Full-time
  • The standard length of study: 4 years
  • Number of ECTS credits allocated: Study is not credit-based
  • Graduation requirements: State Doctoral examination and Doctoral thesis defense
  • Tuition fee (per academic year): Maximum 4,900 EUR

The Physical Chemistry doctoral degree study program educates students and pushes them to gain the highest degree of knowledge in their selected fields. This program prepares students for independent work in the field. Students focus on physical chemistry. Students in this department research thermodynamics and kinetics, processes in amorphous materials, heterogeneous catalytic processes or more generally the homogeneous and heterogeneous systems reaction kinetics, and adsorption processes. This study program focuses on theoretical and experimental research and applies progressive methods, and uses modern methods of mathematical simulation while building on experimental data. Ph.D. students must pass exams in at least three courses (selected from 17 offered) as well as pass the English language exam. Ph.D. students are able to pass an unlimited number of optional subjects offered by other Doctoral study programs at the University of Pardubice or by fellow research institutes of the Academy of Science or abroad (i.e. Heyrovsky Institute of the Physical Chemistry, NIMS Tsukuba Japan). Graduates complete their studies when they successfully pass their Ph.D. oral examination and dissertation thesis defense. Graduates of this program work as independent senior researchers in the private or public sector and work as research or production team leaders.

Last updated October 2019

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