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PhD in Business Economics and Management (English)

In the branch of Business Economics and Management, the research activities of PhD students are focused on such topics as the new theories of economic organization; new directions in the measurement of business performance; business strategy in a European context; the effects of globalization on the conduct of business; restructuring and revitalization of companies; innovation and financial strategy of multinational firms; forms of cooperation in the international business environment; joint-multinational companies; management of companies; and other, related, matters. The structure of the programme is as follows:

Block A: Subjects common to the whole school:

  • Economics (microeconomics-macroeconomics)

Block B1: Branch compulsory subjects:

  • Research Methods for Managers
  • Statistical Methods for Scientific Research*
  • Quantitative Instruments for Economic Analysis*

* Doctoral student chooses one of the two subjects on the recommendation of a supervisor and according to his/her specialization.

Block B2: Branch obligatory subject:

  • Business economy*
  • Management for the future*
  • Consumer behaviour*

* Doctoral student chooses one of the three subjects on the recommendation of a supervisor and according to his/her specialization.

Block C: Optional subjects

After discussion with his/her supervisor, the doctoral student chooses other subjects needed for the doctoral thesis (see the list of accredited subjects for doctoral study).

Options may possibly expand into other courses from the menu free elective courses accredited for doctoral study at the University of Economics in Prague.

Admission to a Doctoral Study

The programme is conditional upon the proper completion of studies in a Masters' Study Programme. The Master’s Diploma must be recognized in the Czech Republic

Foreign students wishing to study in a programme in a language other than Czech (“Programme for Foreigners”) must pay a tuition fee. This fee is € 5000 per year. This form of study is a distance programme which means that students come for consultations at a time agreed with their tutors, but are not obliged to attend lectures and seminars daily. Nevertheless, they must come to sit for the exams. Students can study, sit examinations, as well as writing and defending their doctoral thesis, in a foreign language. The standard length of study is 3 years. Students are not entitled to scholarships or residential accommodation.

Foreign students in the study programmes in Czech ("the Czech programme”) do not pay fees and can be granted a scholarship during the period that does not exceed the standard length of study. The dean of the faculty will set the amount to be awarded for the scholarship. They can apply for residential accommodation (subject to the capacity of the dormitories).

Also, those students who have been granted a scholarship by the Czech government do not pay fees and can receive residential accommodation.

Admission to the Doctoral Studies Programme is conditional upon successfully undergoing the University’s admission procedure. The final decision rests with the dean of the faculty of the respective Doctoral Programme with due consideration given to success in the entrance examination, as well as the teaching capacity of the faculty. If an applicant has not been admitted only because of the insufficient teaching capacity at the faculty, the examination results remain valid for one year following the date on which the examination was taken.

Program taught in:

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Last updated May 2, 2019
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Sep 2019
3 years
5,000 EUR
per year in English; free in Czech
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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