Ph.D.: Create knowledge.

We believe hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty is critical in the education of new scholars. It's through collaborative research you'll learn how to transform abstract theoretical questions into workable projects that are publishable in major journals.

From the associate dean

Welcome. I'm so glad you're considering Emory University's Ph.D. Program in Business, offered by the Laney Graduate School and delivered by Goizueta Business School. Applying to a doctoral program is the first step in committing your life to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge.

Goizueta is among the best business programs in the country. We have undergraduate and graduate programs that rank in the top 25 nationally, and graduates of our doctoral program hold faculty positions at top business schools. We have the resources of Emory University, a major world-class research institution, to draw on.

We seek applicants with superior intelligence, a strong work ethic, and a desire for an academic career at the best business schools in the world. Our doctoral program is highly selective, enabling us to build a close-knit community of scholars and an environment that promotes scholarly interactions among students and faculty.

When reviewing your application, our faculty favor candidates with rigorous academic preparation, strong letters of recommendation, and a Statement of Purpose that shows intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm, and commitment. We also consider the fit of applicants' research interests with our faculty's talents and expectations.

Congratulations on embarking on this exciting journey. I look forward to your application.

Kathryn Kadous

Schaefer chaired professor of accounting


Learn from the best.

Our competitiveness is balanced by an equally strong spirit of collaboration among students and faculty. Our small classes leave room to both teach and to mentor, providing you with support throughout the entire academic experience. But it doesn’t end there. Your degree continues working for you.

Our program

With doctoral courses offered primarily in the fall and spring, you can also take summer courses according to your interests and availability. You'll take eight courses a year in addition to research projects, colloquia, seminars, and other area-specific academic activities. Activities like our Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO) program (an intensive sequence designed to prepare you for the rigors of teaching in a college or university environment) give you the tools to succeed in the business school environment. Because research excellence is only one part of success, we place an equal emphasis on improving your skills in the classroom.

  • Doctoral coursework in social sciences and quantitative methods
  • Seminars on specific research topics
  • Summer research experiences
  • Teaching development program
  • Dissertation supervised by a faculty committee

Our doctoral program, offered through the Laney Graduate School, provides students the opportunity to pursue one of five academic areas.


The Accounting program examines the production and use of information through the lens of theories adapted from the social sciences, especially economics and psychology, with an emphasis placed on coursework in microeconomics, econometrics, and statistics.


The Ph.D. Finance Program is designed to provide students with a strong course background in economics, statistics, and mathematics. In addition to classes, Goizueta features an extensive program of seminars and workshops at which current research will be presented.

Systems & Operations Management

The doctoral program in Information Systems & Operations Management (ISOM) is offered through one of two tracks: Information Systems (IS) and Operations Management (OM).


The Marketing program balances solid grounding in the fundamentals of marketing with the flexibility to customize according to individual interests. Students will be part of an intellectually stimulating and demanding environment that requires participation in seminars.

Organization & Management

The Ph.D. Organization & Management (O&M) program prepares students for research and teaching careers in one of these major areas: organization theory, economic sociology, and organizational behavior.

The academic year

Consisting of three semesters (fall, spring, and summer), doctoral courses are offered primarily in the fall and spring, but students can take summer courses according to personal interests and needs. Students take eight courses per year and are also expected to participate in research projects, colloquia, and other scholarly activities in their respective area.

Our students are in residence for the entire academic year and are expected to participate in Orientation during the summer prior to their first set of core courses to refresh quantitative skills.

Faculty & student collaboration

We believe that hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty is critically important in the education of new scholars. Collaborative research helps students learn how to transform abstract theoretical questions into workable projects that are publishable in major journals. Just as importantly, it is through collaborative research with experienced members of their field that students learn the research norms and values that will guide them through the program and later in their academic careers.

Our students will find many opportunities to get involved in collaborative research with faculty in their area. After the first year, each student will be required to work as a research or teaching assistant to a faculty member for 10 hours per week. Every effort is made to assign a student to a faculty member with similar research interests. However, we encourage collaborative research with multiple faculty members over the course of doctoral training. Working with several faculty members helps students develop their own scholarly identity, which is critical for becoming an independent and creative thinker. We believe a collaborative environment produces the independence of mind and exceptional research competence that mark the truly successful scholar.

Teaching assistant training and teaching opportunity (TATTO)

Successful business school academics must excel not only in research but also in the classroom. We take teaching seriously at Emory, and building a student's skills in classroom instruction is an integral part of the doctoral program. The Laney Graduate School's TATTO is a multilevel educational and action learning sequence that prepares doctoral students for the rigors of teaching in a college or university environment.

  • Laney Graduate School course
  • Course offered by Goizueta Business School faculty to acquaint you with business school pedagogical techniques
  • Teaching Assistantship, a controlled and carefully monitored teaching opportunity
  • Teaching Associateship, a greater teaching responsibility in close partnership with a faculty member

Research resources

Emory University's Goizueta Business School has established a research support budget for each Ph.D. student to be used for data collection, books, travel, etc. The Sheth Research Fund offers additional dissertation support for students who have successfully completed their comprehensive exams.

Emory University libraries

Goizueta doctoral students have access to Emory's library system that is among the top 25 in the nation: Over 2.8 million volumes located throughout all of Emory's campus libraries Virtual access to more than 200 cross-disciplinary desktop electronic sources Access to hundreds of database collections of full text and abstract documents, bibliographic citations, and numeric data Access to the holdings of the GETS (University of Georgia, Emory, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University) consortium of libraries, expanding resource access beyond the boundaries of Emory.

Computing resources

Goizueta's Information Services department offers access to a number of key databases, including COMPUSTAT, CRSP, IBES, SDC, and TFN. The Information Systems & Operations Management department offers support for the management of databases, electronic data gathering for the development of custom databases for specific research questions, computation, and simulation of specific models, and programming. Faculty and doctoral students requiring heavy computational assistance have access to research servers running the UNIX operating system. SAS, STATA, SPSS, and other statistical and simulation applications are available in desktop and/or mainframe versions.


Sharpen your focus, bring clarity to your career.

Where can you go with a Goizueta Ph.D.? Wherever you want. Our graduates have been invited to present their work and interview with some of the top schools around the world. They've left experienced and equipped to take on more influential roles at some of the best placements in the business, ready to have an immediate impact.

Job placements

Recent graduates from our program have been invited to present their work and interview at schools such as University of Chicago, Northwestern, Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, London Business School, University of Illinois, University of Texas, University of Florida, University of Georgia, Boston College and Georgetown. The chart below outlines where our graduates placed upon graduation from our Program.


Start shaping the future of business. today.

Competition starts early in our Ph.D. program. With only 10-15 students accepted from about 250 applications per year, it's this healthy level of competition that drives our students and forges them into graduates who excel. Offered through the Laney Graduate School, our program gives you the chance to pursue one of the following academic areas: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems & Operations Management, Marketing, or Organization & Management.

  • 27 average age
  • 3.3 average GPA
  • 730 average GMAT

Applicant requirements

  • Bachelor's degree: We require a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college. A master's degree is not necessary.
  • Letters of recommendation: We give considerable weight to letters of recommendation from faculty members that highlight a candidate's research potential, past academic achievements, and a commitment to scholarly endeavor.
  • High GMAT test score: Although there is no minimum score requirement, a good performance is weighted heavily by the Admissions Committee. Successful applicants tend to have overall scores in the 90th percentile or higher; the average GMAT score of recent admits has been approximately 730.
  • Successful TOEFL test score: Beginning in 2011, our program now requires TOEFL scores for all international applicants regardless of their academic experience or the age of their TOEFL score. The TOEFL tests your level of English as a Foreign Language. To be accepted, applicants must have a minimum TOEFL score as listed below:

Minimum scores accepted Total Reading Listening
Computer-based 250 - 25
Paper-based 600 - 60
Internet-based 100 26 26

Application deadline: December 15

Please apply early to allow us sufficient time to carefully evaluate your application. As the application process can take some time, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Personal interviews will be conducted with selected candidates as part of the admission process.

Financing doctoral studies

The doctoral program is designed to be a full-time, five-year program. Full tuition scholarships and attractive stipends will be awarded to most students in the program during the first four years of their studies, provided they are in good standing and making satisfactory progress. Fifth-year funding is also available to those students who have reached candidacy by the beginning of their fifth year and are in good academic standing.

Student loans

The Emory Office of Financial Aid (OFA) assists eligible students with applying for and obtaining student loans. Among the factors you should consider before obtaining a loan are your total indebtedness including undergraduate student loans, mean time to degree in your department/program, and estimated starting salaries in your field. There is no magic formula, but there are reliable calculators that can help master's and doctoral students make informed decisions about the timing and the number of student loans.

What sources of funds are available?

Tuition scholarships and stipends will be awarded to most students admitted to the program; domestic students are also eligible to apply for university fellowships and scholarships for specialized purposes. Annual stipends will be provided for the first four years of study, provided a student is making satisfactory progress. Beginning in the second year, the student will be required to provide 10 hours per week of research or teaching assistance to assigned faculty.

Research support

The Business School has established a research support budget for each Ph.D. student to be used for data collection, books, travel, etc. The Sheth Research Fund offers additional dissertation support for students who have successfully completed their comprehensive exams.

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  • English
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