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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) qualification in the Management of Technology and Innovation provides a highly individualised learning environment within which students actually solve a meaningful business problem of substance to their organisation. The PhD programme is aimed at senior managers and executives and candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to develop new concepts that will significantly improve their operations.

PhD applicants: It is compulsory for all students applying for enrolment for PhD study, to note that their final thesis for assessment will only be received with a publish-ready article attached.


The Learning Programme is specifically designed to enable members of an organisation to realise their true potential by:

  • Challenging them to initiate innovative solutions for business improvement and socio-economic transformation
  • Acquiring the competence to design a system and to develop technology and innovation related activities to meet transformational targets
  • Providing personal development opportunities for them to contribute significantly to the development of wealth within the South African economy.


Students who achieve this Qualification will be able to:

  • initiate innovation and change at a national and international level
  • integrate systemic principles into alternative designs and developments
  • incorporate management of technology, management of innovation and management of people frameworks into new product/process designs and developments
  • make a contribution towards community development initiatives.


Previous Academic Qualifications

a. Masters Degree Or other relevant NQF 8 (New HEQSF: NQF Level 9) qualification

Appropriate Work Experience (years): 10

Employer Support: General, but detailed assessment by Da Vinci

b. Not equivalent to a Masters Degree

Appropriate Work Experience (years): 15

Employer Support: Detailed assessment by Da Vinci

Conditions: Prospective candidates can be provisionally approved on the following conditions: In the event that a candidate does not comply with the requirements for registration in the PhD programme, but does demonstrate relevant professional experience, consideration can be given to register such candidates in the PhD Programme at Da Vinci on the following conditions:

  • Demonstrate an understanding at NQF Level 8 (new HEQSF: NQF Level 9) (appropriate level descriptors will be used to guide the process).
  • Evidence of relevant publications, presentations or relevant working experience that could be considered for Recognition of Prior Learning at NQF Level 8+ (new HEQSF: NQF Level 9)
  • Registration for the four Research Workshops
  • Acceptance of a Research Proposal
  • On successful completion of the above, the provisional approval will be converted to full approval.

In the event that a student is unsuccessful in completing the above, the student will be deregistered for the relevant qualification.

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Start date
Feb., 2017
6 years
Full time
Start date Feb., 2017
South Africa Lethabong
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Duration 6 years
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