PhD in Biotechnology

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

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PhD in Biotechnology

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague


The aim of the doctoral study is to prepare graduates with the ability of independent creative work and deep knowledge in the field of biotechnology and other related subjects. The study is focused on the scientific and research work in biotechnological processes and is based on comprehensive knowledge of the chemical, biological, engineering and economic disciplines, and the knowledge of the specific properties of plant, animal and microbial cells.


Graduates are able to work in science and research or directly in the biotechnology industry, as well as in the related fields like food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, including the processing of waste and protection of the environment. They may hold management positions in development, production, control and projection in commercial firms or state institutions. Due to the broad concept of expertise the graduates are ready not only for professional action in their specialization, but also for the adaptation for possible application in other technical and scientific fields.

Selection of recent theses

  • Immobilisation of biomaterials via sol-gel process
  • New ways to improve the colloidal stability of beer
  • Bacterial production of surface active compounds and their biological activity
  • Application of immobilized yeast cells in continuous alcohol-free beer production
  • Biodegradace monoaromátů v reálných matricích bakterií Rhodococcus erythropolis
  • Degradation of Styrene and Acetone Mixture Using Biofiltration
  • Microalgal surface interactions and their biotechnological applications
  • Consumer perception of beer qualitative characteristics
  • Analysis of genes coding for enzymes involved in degradation of aromatic pollutants in Rhodococcus erythropolis
  • Study of the physiological state of microbial cultures using flow-cytometry methods
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