PhD in Business Administration


Program Description


This is a program designed for highly motivated students wishing to acquire advanced research and intellectual (analytical) skills in the area of business administration. The aim of the program is to prepare a generation of highly effective Ph.D. scholars aiming to pursue careers in the academia or consulting in the private or public sector. The program provides students with a solid theoretical background and the opportunity to conduct innovative, highly focused research in business administration, for the purpose of creating new knowledge.

Objectives & Outcomes

General Objectives

To provide training to Ph.D. candidates to be independent scholars and researchers, who can work at a local or an international level. The program is research-based and focuses on qualitative and quantitative skills and global perspectives – enabling students to engage in research projects with faculty early in the doctoral program. The curriculum purports to prepare people for stimulating careers in universities and research institutions, in public and private organizations and agencies, as well as prepare top managers to be able to manage within complex and dynamic business environments. Through this doctoral program, the School of Business delivers the highest quality management education seeking to further enhance the doctoral students’ research and management skills and knowledge of business and management issues by offering courses on how organizations and their top managers can best manage internal and external challenges.

Specific Objectives

  • To prepare small, select group of exceptional students to hold university faculty positions or conduct original research in the corporate or public sector, or get high-level positions in industry.
  • To help students acquire critical appraisal of the concepts and theories that underlie the nature and practice of management science and the extension of the processes of inquiry (problem-solving, critical thinking and research) for the development and testing of knowledge.
  • To expose, coach and mentor students to recognize and understand the diverse areas of specialized and advanced practice in management, guided by the current state of knowledge and societal/business needs.
  • To provide students with learning foundations for the continuing evolution of the knowledge both in management science and in other related disciplines.
  • To cultivate among students that their graduate education, which focuses on the discovery and refinement of knowledge, requires a high level of inquiry and the development of a collaborative effort and spirit between faculty and students.
  • To foster and nature the diverse and varying educational, personal and cultural backgrounds and experiences of students in an educational environment that encourage and promotes the free interchange among scholars and between teachers and students.
  • To help meet the increasing need for qualified, rigorously trained business faculty as well as provide rewarding career opportunities for students.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the students should be able to:

  • Have acquired a general understanding of fundamental management concepts and theories as well as a thorough understanding and mastery of current issues at the frontier of knowledge in their chosen specialization.
  • Have developed the ability to conduct independent and original research as well as overall be effective researchers and motivating educators, as many are expected to continue in their careers with academic institutions.
  • Generate knowledge that is inventive and rigorously tested within their selected area of specialization in Management Science
  • Provide leadership in Management science as well as in various professional and public groups.
  • Test, generate and extend knowledge relevant to management practice within a variety of business and societal settings.
  • Have acquired multiple perspectives of knowledge and also acknowledge multidisciplinary contributions to knowledge generations
  • Use critical and reflective analysis of their further and life-long learning. They will learn how to learn.
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, in private and in public.

Employment Opportunities

Ph.D. graduates will acquire the necessary conceptual skills to pursue careers in an academic and/or research environment in Cyprus and abroad. The methodological skills they will acquire, combined with the innovative nature of their dissertation qualifies our Ph.D. graduates with career prospects in consulting and high-level management.

Last updated Aug 2020

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European University Cyprus is actively engaged with local, regional and global partners to promote opportunities for long-term strategic research partnerships and innovative programs of study. Read less