The aim of the PhD study is to provide the graduates with a deep knowledge of classical and modern technologies for processing of different types of fossil fuels and also their usage in power and energetic engineering respecting environmental protection. Environmentally friendly methods of energy utilization of biomass and the use of alternative fuels in transport and energy is another important area of the PhD students training. The classical technologies of oil, coal and natural gas treatment and processing are discussed together with modern methods of their chemical use. Environmental aspects of different fuels processing and fuel products utilization are studied. Students are encouraged to work independently in the laboratory, to study the scientific and professional literature and to present their results. Student participation in national and international conferences is required and supported by the Faculty.


Graduates can find their jobs in basic and applied research institutions focusing on processing and use of oil, coal, natural gas and alternative fuels and energy resources, it means at universities, research institutes and technological centers in the Czech Republic and abroad. They are able to work effectively in industrial and governmental organizations as creative professionals in fields associated with mining, transportation, and processing of various types of fuels. They can find jobs in industrial companies dealing with energy transformation and distribution, development and technical expertise. There are also other significant possibilities for their work in the public sector or in the state administration as specialists for energy, power, and ecology.

Selection of recent theses

  • Acoustic
  • Detailed Chemical Characterization of Pyrolysis Bio-oil
  • Acoustic emission: a method for monitoring of environmentally assisted cracking processes
  • Removal of CO2 from biogas using adsorption
  • Characterization of propylene and polyolefins by different analytical methods
  • Development of TEG Reclaiming Technology at Underground Gas Storages
  • Utilization of ion exchange technologies in the case of concurrent occurrence of metal cations and oxoanions in contaminated waters
  • Selective sorption of vanadium and molybdenum oxoanions on the synthetic polymer sorbent
  • Reviews of production and quality of make-up water for supercritical boiler in the power plant Ledvice, ČEZ, a. s.
  • Intensification of fluidized-bed gasification of biomass
  • Qualitative parameters of biomethane composition and their influence on gas applications
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Last updated January 22, 2019
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Oct 2019
4 years
2,300 EUR
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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