PhD in Education Sciences


Program Description

  • Duration (years): 3 years
  • Qualification Awarded: Doctor of Philosophy in Education Sciences
  • Level of Qualification: Doctorate Degree (3rd Cycle)
  • Language of Instruction: English and Greek
  • Mode of Study: Full-time or Part-time
  • Minimum ECTS Credits: 240

Profile of the Programme

The University of Nicosia offers a Doctorate Degree in Education Sciences on the following concentrations:

  1. Educational Leadership and Administration,
  2. Theory, Practice, and Evaluation of Teaching
  3. Special Education,
  4. Teaching of Mathematics and Physical Sciences,
  5. Teaching Language and Literature,
  6. Educational Technology,
  7. Arts and Education


  1. Deep understanding of the contemporary trends and the research approaches of the chosen field.
  2. Design of large-scale research, the result of which will be an important contribution to the development of Educational Science.
  3. Promotion of change and development in the workplace.
  4. Assume leadership roles in their specialty field and workplace.

Career Prospects

Doctoral students who successfully complete the programme will be able to:

  1. Assume a position as a faculty member in higher education.
  2. Play a leading role in the educational field, such as executive administrative positions at schools or the Ministry of Education.
  3. To work as executives in the Ministry of Education and Culture service (such as Pedagogical Institutes, Curriculum Development Services).
  4. Take on a higher administrative/academic/advisory role in private educational institutions, research centres or advisory service centres.

Access to Further Studies

On successful completion of the programme, graduates will be able to will be able to work as researchers and academics.


The theoretical taught component of the programme of study is assessed accordingly with final examinations and/or final project papers which focus on problem-solving. Upon completion of the taught component of the programme, the student will have to successfully pass the appropriate comprehensive examination.

Graduation Requirements

The minimum programme duration is 3 Years (full time) or 8 Years (part-time).

1. The student must complete 240 ECTS credits:

    1. Research and Evaluation modules: 18
    2. Concentration modules: 18
    3. Research Seminar: 9
    4. Comprehensive Examination: 30

2. Dissertation

    1. Research Proposal: 30
    2. Collection and Data Analysis: 75
    3. Dissertation writing: 60

Total: 240 ECTS

Learning Outcomes

  1. To acquire deep knowledge in their field of study.
  2. Take on leadership roles in developing effective educational environments.
  3. Develop skills and strategies that ready candidates to influence policy in the education field.
  4. To assume leadership roles and contribute to the development of education in the school and/or education system.
  5. To act as rapporteurs in educational conferences.
  6. Apply current, credible learning theory and approaches to assessment that informs curriculum and programme evaluation;
  7. Explain principles and practices in community partnership, effective communication, and interpersonal relationships to inform practice, development, and public relations.
  8. Design inquiry that draws upon school leaving data on student achievement, attendance, and engagement with the school to make data-driven decisions to support school improvement;
  9. Interpret descriptive and inductive statistical indicators and data.

Scholarships - Financial Aid

The University offers scholarships and financial aid to full-time students, in the form of academic merit scholarships, financial-aid assistance, athletic scholarships, and on-campus work-study programmes.

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UNIC is the largest university in Cyprus, with over 12,000+ students, from over 70 countries across the globe, coming together in an innovative and transformative learning space. Read less
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