PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness


Program Description

Starting the international inter-university interdisciplinary postgraduate (doctoral) study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS was stimulated by the need for creation of competitive knowledge necessary for strengthening the proactive and innovative capacity of individuals and society in facing changes and managing changes.

University of Osijek

A study is the result of the TEMPUS Joint European Project International Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (CD_JEP-41014-2006), which was realized by Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia; University of Turku, Finland; University of Maribor, Slovenia; University of Klagenfurt, Austria and Durham University, United Kingdom in the 2007-2009 period. Building educational capacity at all levels of education for training for initiative and entrepreneurship requires creating a critical mass of educators from that interdisciplinary area, that is, creating teams of educators in different disciplines who can implement entrepreneurship education programs at different educational levels, from primary to tertiary.

Considering the interdisciplinary character of entrepreneurship, which can be defined in the narrow (within social sciences) or the wide sense (as cognitive science within the interdisciplinary area of science), doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS is open to everyone interested who want to contribute to the hybridization of knowledge, and thus develop competence for innovative approach to diagnosing and solving problems.

Since five universities participated in the development of the concept of the program, whose lecturing teams will also participate in its realization, students are given the opportunity to, without payment of tuitions, on the principle of reciprocity, use teaching and research resources of partner universities, on the basis of the signed Agreement of Co-operation between universities.

The study program is expressed through ECTS credits, which will enable mobility of the attendants of the program, transfer of points, or accumulation of points within the system of lifelong learning.

The program includes organized classes, direct individual scientific-research work on the doctoral dissertation, and elective scientific and teaching activities.

Academic title awarded upon completion of the studies

Doctor of Social Sciences (Ph.D.), area of economics

Duration of the program

6 semesters, 3 years

Conditions for enrollment

A right of enrollment to the doctoral program „Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness“ belongs to:

  • Students who have graduated from adequate pre-Bologna, at least 4-year university studies
  • Students who have graduated from pre-Bologna university scientific master studies
  • Students who have graduated from Bologna university postgraduate specialist studies and acquired at least 60 ECTS
  • Students who have graduated from a Bologna 3+2 or 4+1 or 0+5 study program

Students whose previous studies are not from social sciences can also enroll to the postgraduate doctoral program „Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness“, with passing differential exams, which will be determined by the Council of the doctoral program, having in mind related scientific areas, fields, and branches.

University of Osijek

Selection criteria

Selection of attendants is made based on the average grades at the previous studies, motivational essay, existing research and scientific references, and the recommendation by the potential counselor.

The application must contain

  • Filled in application
  • Motivational essay
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendation
  • Transcript of grades (highest level of education)
  • Certified copy of the diploma (highest level of education)
  • Copy of certificate of citizenship or other adequate proof of citizenship for foreign nationals
  • Two photographs (4×6 cm)
Last updated Jul 2020

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